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Can Alnylam find success with its latest cardiac treatment after tweaking the trial? And did STAT’s editorial team pull off a covert mission to get an advanced copy of a new book?

We cover all that and more on this week’s episode of “The Readout LOUD.” STAT reporter Jason Mast joins us to discuss Anthony Fauci’s memoir “On Call,” which was published this week. Hosts Allison DeAngelis and Adam Feuerstein also dissect Alnylam’s forthcoming clinical trial data and take stock of how the biotech markets are succeeding and potentially falling flat midway through the year.


For more on Fauci’s memoir “On Call,” go here; for Adam’s primer on Alnylam’s ATTR-CM trial, go here; read about BridgeBio’s plans here; and for more on biotech startup financing, go here.

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