10 Things To Do Before Deciding To Be A Car Racer

10 Things To Do Before Deciding To Be A Car Racer

Auto racing sure is a very fun, laid-back thing to do, but a novice enthusiast needs to do a lot of thinking and doing before finally deciding to go for it – To be a car racer.

Here are the most important things to do before wrapping up your mind to jump in the front seat of your racing car but try to avoid common mistakes racer does.


10 Things To Do Before Deciding To Be A Car Racer

#1. Enroll On An Advanced Driving School

There are two things that make a good racer: the mastery of driving skills and the efficiency of vehicle power. So before giving your racing car a major boost, work on yourself first.

Enroll in an advanced driving school and focus on mastering all of the skills that are needed in driving. You probably know it already, but always remember that car racing is way too far from everyday driving on the road from home to work and back.

Car racing is more about risking your life to show off all of what you’ve got on the racing track.

#2. Autocross

One of the best ways to get efficient skills in driving is to join an autocross. This kind of driving activity is often used in driving tests, so you might think that this is lame as it is only for starters in general, not for starters in the field of car racing.

This simple competition in an obstacle course of cones and sorts is actually a necessity before advancing to the next level of auto racing. This will test your basic driving skills. If you find it hard to win in this simple competition, then you might reconsider being a racer.

#3. Join Drift Sessions

If you’re planning to be a car racer, you should be a pro in drifting. If not, how can you be different from a regular driver?

One of the most important things in racing is drifting, although it is only one thing in many other racing exhibitions. For starters, drifting can be very difficult. But once you finally get the hang of it, everything will just go smoothly for you.

#4. Get Your Go-kart

Go-kart isn’t the usual kart you see at the local establishments for golf. This one’s a small lightweight racing car, usually in a form of a skeleton. It is used in kart racing, an open-wheel racing sport.

If you plan to be a big-time car racer one day, you’ll most likely need to join kart racing. Karting is said to be one of the stepping stones to get to the higher ranks of Motorsports. You don’t really need to buy your own kart in this type of race. You can just check out local karting tracks for rent.

#5. Inquire About Track Days And Other Special Events

There can be hundreds of racing tracks nearby, and usually, they organize special events that are open for all drivers each year. At this kind of event, you are allowed to drive your own car on the track, may it be on a road track, circle track, or any other kind of track available in the local track locations.

If you’re even luckier, you can even try some of the hottest cars that are free to drive for the event. For starters, this is a very important event where you can meet popular racers, listen to their experiences on the tracks, and get useful tips from them.

#6. Try Amateur Drag Racing

Getting started in drag racing is probably the most practical way to test your acceleration. Try this kind of event once in a while to test your skills and your vehicle.

You not only have a safe venue to pump your adrenaline in, but you also get to have a competition that only makes you, your engine, and just about everything about the race hotter and even more exciting.

Make sure what kind of drag racing you join in, though. Some drag races are considered illegal, so before you join in, check the permissions for the event.

#7. Join Rally Racing

For many starters, rally racing is never a good idea. For others, it’s absolutely worth trying. Especially when you plan to be a great car racer, you must always be willing to go for just about any kind of car activity.

It sure is very risky to drive your very own car on a road of dirt, mud, and gravel, but it can really be fun. If you’re too scared of your car, you can just rent or buy a cheap late-model car and use it instead. The unique backroads of this race will test more of your skills as a racer.

#8. Go For Land Speed Racing

Most land speed races aren’t really considered amateur, so it might be very difficult to find a class that has the same speed records as yours.

Fortunately, there are a number of people who find racers with a particular attainable speed record, build a class for them, and organize events where each racer is challenged to try to snag the record.

This allows amateur racers to beat not just their own previous record, but also others’ in a form of friendly competition.

#9. Demolition Derby

If you think rally racing is a bad idea, demolition derby is the worst, but in a good way. Demolition derby is a Motorsport of smashing cars. Yip, this sounds very scary, but surprisingly, serious injuries are very rare.

Since it is a very dangerous car activity, rules are very strict, so you really don’t have to worry much. Just make sure that you get the toughest car and you’re good to go and smash. Your 15- minute excitement of car-crashing will surely be a memory to remember.

#10. Be Ready To Run

Car racing is not a joke. It may sound fun and exciting, but it can be very dangerous. If you really want to decide to be a car racer, you should have all the bravery in the world.

Every race on the track is a race of danger. You should always be ready just as much as your car is always ready for the race.

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