5th Wheel Vs Travel Trailer Pros and Cons

5th Wheel vs Travel Trailer Pros And Cons

It is formidable to decide whether to go for a 5th wheel or Travel trailer as both have their benefits and pitfalls. But before making any buying decision the comparison of 5th wheel Vs Travel trailer is a must. The very first this to consider is the weight and engine efficiency of the vehicle on which you are going to tow your 5th wheeler or travel trailer.

Talking about the competitive analysis, 5th wheeler and travel trailers are tough competitors but still have many things in common too. In this article we will discuss both the similarities and differences of the two, to facilitate you in making an informed buying decision.


5th Wheel Vs Travel Trailer Pros and Cons: Things in Common


1. Customer Affordability:

Both 5th wheelers and travel trailers are much more effective in terms of cost as compared to motorized RVs. And the reason for the fact is obvious as Motorized RVs have a built-in driving cabin while we need a separate vehicle to tow our 5th wheeler and travel trailer.

2. Easy Detachability:

This is the other similarity that both RVs share and makes them rank outstanding in camping games. If you are planning to camp at backcountry sites then Travel trailers and 5th wheelers are the best choices. They are easy to move and easy to detach from the towing vehicle. Moreover, it is very easy to park your RV’s at the side and move in the city solely at your towing vehicle.

5th Wheel Vs Travel Trailer Differences

1. Length and Size Comparison:

Aesthetically, the 5th Wheeler is larger in length as compared to the traveler trailer. They range from 25-45 feet in length, so they give an apartment-like feeling. Your family and privacy both are safe here.

Well, there are many models of 5th wheelers available in the market but as a general fact, they are more spacious and big as compared to traveler Trailer. But at the same time, the cost and weigh more too.

Tractor Trailers are good to go if you are looking for something fuel-efficient. Trailers don’t need big trucks to tow on, relatively 5th wheelers do not compromise upon the size of the truck to tow along.

These RVs come in smaller sizes ranging from 12-35 feet, so as they are cost efferent and weigh less. Moreover, the optimum fuel consumption of the truck to which they tow along is also low as compared to the 5th wheeler.

2. Weight Comparison:

Comparing the weight of both we need to add on the weights of persons boarding on plus the weight of water tanks that surely you will take along filled. But still, the difference is huge, 5th wheeler weight from 10,000-15,000 pounds, on the other hand, no matter what travel trailers weight range in between 1000-8500 pounds.

What if we compare the same size and length models of two competing RVs? Say if we take 30 feet travel trailer, and5th Wheeler, although both lengths are the same 5th wheeler will certainly weigh more.

It is because the 5th wheeler gives a luxurious ride that includes a complete built-in kitchen, plumbing shop gears, an additional gas tank, and much more. These all amenities make 5th wheelers weigh heavier than travel trailers.

• Weight is the determinant factor when deciding about the vehicle to tow your RV on.

3. Pricing Comparison:

5th wheeler cost more than Travel trailer, so as they offer more comfort and amenity too. If you have decided to buy a new RV then let me tell you that a 5th wheeler will cost you in the range of $20,000-$50,000, with an average price of $32000-35000. On contrary, travel trailer cost ranges from around $10,000-$35000 with an average of price of $18000-$20,000.
This is the estimation of the brand new model, but I would suggest you go for a used RV. It will save you many dollars. Even if you go for only last year’s model it will save you around 21% of the total cost that you would bear if you go for a new RV.

4. Resources Comparison

• Overall Space

Overall, the 5th wheeler is more spacious than a travel trailer. It is because they are built on ground design models that offer to utilize the space underneath as a storeroom. The 5th wheeler offers more space that can easily accommodate a big family and still, privacy is not compromised. This RV has separate water storage tanks under the vehicle and the optimum heightened design offers more apartment feel to it. On the other hand, travel trailers are good to go to 1-2 person families.

• Comfortability

If you will compare the same size of the 5th wheeler and Travel trailer, you will surely find the 5th wheeler more comfortable. As, it offers more floor levels, slides, a completely separate bedroom area with all luxuries. But, still, the decision is dependent upon the budget and family size.

• Generator Facility

Travel trailers don’t offer such facility, often, so a buyer has to spend on generator separately. But nearly every model of 5th wheeler comes with a built-in generator, but you need to check their power. Because many generators can only supply power to one appliance only, say a cooking range or an Air conditioner. In this case, you will have to invest in another generator too.

5. Temperature Control System

As the travel trailers do not offer a multi-level design and the whole compartment is not segmented, so the temperature inside the trailer remains consistent. But, the situation is the opposite for the 5th wheeler. The 5th wheeler is segmented and had multiple layers, so the temperature is not optimally maintained. Because of its length and spacious model design 5th, wheeler consumes more generator power and fuel.

6. Agility Comparison

When it comes to mobility, the 5th wheeler is the sole winner. Despite its size, the 5th wheeler offers more ease in turning a big vehicle even at high speed. The hitch of the 5th wheeler is placed at the axel of towing vehicle this adds in the stability and gives the best turning radius. For a travel trailer, you have to buy other stability accessories that will distribute the weight to make a trailer safe.

7-Maintenance Comparison

Maintenance is completely dependent upon the model that you have decided to purchase. There are many in common maintenance costs of both RV e-g: tires, brake pads, battery, oil, etc. Moreover, the appliances, equipment’s and other tools present inside also need maintenance. So, the maintenance cost of both RVs is more or less the same.


5th wheel Vs Travel trailer- putting everything in a nutshell, travel trailers are less expensive, efficient in fuel consumption and temperature control but compromise on space, luxury, and privacy. On contrary, 5th wheel is more spacious, offer more amenities, have a high ceiling and can accommodate large family easily, but 5th wheel is relatively expensive and needs the big truck to tow on. Rest the decision is dependent upon your budget, family size, and facilities preferences.

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