The Advantages Of Aerodynamics In Car Racing

When it comes to Formula One racing, the aerodynamics of the vehicle is not just all about providing awesome looks, and for it to look like the racecar that we usually see.

It actually has some aspects that are based on science which is proven to be extremely effective for the sake of helping out the driver get the best speeds. This is known to be one of the most beneficial parts of the Formula One racecar.

It also has the same functionality as how the wings of the airplane work whenever the plane starts to operate. This is all about air pressure, and when at high speeds, air pressure starts to build and it will flow at different speeds depending on the speed of the car.



With the help of these aerodynamics installed in race cars, the flow of the air will go right through these parts for it to create a difference in air pressure.

The aerodynamics are also called as the “wings” of the racecar as seen from its appearance, but it’s also more on how it acts for the sake of the car as it zips down te road.

That’s why it’s also called as aerofoils since it really ‘foils’ the capability of the car to suddenly glide a bit to the air as it runs further and further towards extreme speeds.

The help of aerodynamics is just the same as how it’s applied in airplanes, but in reverse. If the airplane starts to lift up towards the air with the help of its wings, the help of aerodynamics helps the car stay down to the ground as it provides a negative lift.

That negative lift that we’re talking about will be explained on the various advantages of having this on a Formula One racecar as it dashes towards the racetrack at extremely high speeds.


The aerodynamics consist of the front and rear wings, and this provides 60% of the said negative lift on the car while the floor provides the rest of it thanks to the power of gravity. These wings are also profiles differently depending on the other aspects of the car such as weight and its size, as well as the actual track where the car will operate.

There are some notable racetracks where the amount of the wing is also minimized on racetracks that have a long and straight path so then it won’t fly away towards its demise.

For you to have a better understanding when it comes to this vital part of the Formula One racecar, note the various advantages that it provides. These advantages also contain the different functionalities that the Formula One car’s aerodynamics has in store, as well as matters about the drag reduction system which acts as a powerful support system for the aerodynamics.

Here are the most notable advantages of having aerodynamics on the vehicle:

Provides Better Downforce

One of the main reasons why aerodynamics are being installed into racecars is for the sake of downforce. This is the capablility of pushing the tires of the car towards the ground, and it will help it improve the forces related as it goes faster.


In this way, the car will balance well as it goes further towards the corners of the track, and for it to balance properly. Since the Formula One vehicle is extremely light, there will be an instance where it might fall sideways when making turns – even just for a bit.

That’s why downforce becomes better once the racer starts to apply the drag reduction system as it improves the downforce even better once it’s activated.

In this way, the racer will be able to increase their speeds without any risks of making the tyres in-tact to the racetrack as it maneuvers at extremely high speeds.

Minimizes The Drag

Another advantage that the aerodynamics can provide is that it’s capable of reducing the drag of the vehicle as it runs at fast speeds. The drag is the cause of air resistance that can cause the vehicle to slow down since the air goes at the opposite direction as the car.


As the vehicle speeds up further, more air resistance is being produced; the drag becomes higher. With the help of aerodynamics, the drag will be reduced further so then the speed of the car will remain the same without it getting deducted by the force of the air that the car encounters on the track.

When the drag reduction system is in use once again, the drag will be completely reduced to nothing which is why it's reported that an additional 10 km per mile is usually added when the system is activated.

As the drag reduction system is activated on the aerodynamics of the car, the flow of air will be prevented which is why more speeds are provided at that point.

Speeds Your Car Properly


With the two aforementioned benefits of the aerodynamics for Formula One racecars, expect that the vehicle will speed up properly without lifting it up towards the air. That’s why it’s so important so then the vehicle can speed up on the track without the risk of it flying all of the sudden towards a very terrible accident.

The help of the downforce and the lesser drag that this part provides will definitely help the racecar stay on the ground, and thus keeping both the car and the driver safe even when the speeds are too extreme.

Moment Arm

Moment arm is the distance from the wheel towards the track as it speeds up. With the spoilers placed on the back part of the vehicle, the downforce of the rear part of the car will change and it can affect the downforce of the front part towards the opposite direction. The height of the spoilers also provides the length of the moment arm as well.

The bottom part of the car is also important for this purpose which is why you will notice some little wings on those parts, too. The air tends to flow under that part, and it acts like a suction force. This suction force doesn’t pose any danger under that part, but note that it can be used as an advantage to pick up better speeds once aerodynamics are also installed there.

That’s why it’s important to have this so then you will be able to provide more advantages as you race using your vehicle since the air will be fully used towards your advantage, and it won’t cause air suction to ever happen as well.

Better Handling

The help of the wings on the racecar is what makes it much more capable of moving better. In this way, the driver will have better handling methods as they drive around the car. This is not a matter of speed anymore, and this advantage fully completes the proper functionality that the racecar can provide when it’s in use during racing events.

Notice how an airplane moves at high speeds. Thanks to the wings, there is flexibility for its movements. Not to mention that it can also turn properly no matter what speeds it might be in.

This also applies to Formula One racecars that have aerodynamics installed in it. It provides a better way to help the driver make curves effectively, and in a way where the racecar will never have a hard time moving while it's running too fast.

The more smooth surfaces are blended to the vehicle, the better way to help you get rid of drag. It can also help you get better downforce if you install smoother types of spoilers and other wings. Thus, it will help you manage your vehicle along the racetrack without any worry or any risk of further accidents when making turns at very high speeds.

What can also make your car handling better is the fact that you will be able to spend less fuel since the drag will be lower, and that can provide you better speeds.

All types of cars will be able to get all of these benefits as long as the right types of aerodynamics are used on each track. Remember that aerodynamics also come in various forms that are fit for different purposes such as tracks that have a lot of curves, and also those that have long straight paths.

However, no matter what the type may be, expect that the help of aerodynamics is truly important if you ever need to have a better way to make your racing better.

This is the vital part of the car, and all Formula One vehicles always have these which is why it’s very important for you to consider the different aspects of this part, as well as the whole parts of the racecar.

It will definitely give you a better understanding when it comes to making your handling better, as well as making your driving safer once you plan on racing.


Now, all you have to do is to test your skills accordingly based on the different types of spoilers and wings that you will choose, and expect that your racing methods will be much more in control than what it used to be.

Aside from that, you will be able to make different maneuvers that will help you beat your opponents once you put your skills to the ultimate test.

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