Are Wheel Spacers Safe? [A Complete Guide]

Are Wheel Spacers Safe

Are wheel spacers safe or not is a rifting debate in the automotive industry nowadays. Well, many off-roaders love to have a bunch of modifications in their vehicles, and placing wheel spacers is one, some say that using wheel spacers works outstanding but others oppose the same.

These spacers are fun to work along with, they add to the performance and physical looks of your vehicle and as per our findings, wheel spacers can serve you well if mounted properly, nearly all of the wheel spacers disasters happen when they are not placed mechanically well.

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Are Wheel Spacers Safe to Use?

Wheels on the vehicle are placed in their respective hubs with their lug nuts tightens so fast that a bolting force is produced. This bolting force holds the wheels on their respective hubs.

Moreover, the weight of the wheel is born by the respective wheel studs, and the bolting force generated by the hubs is transferred to their axles. This whole mechanism makes the use of wheel spacers safe.

Wheel spacers are just extensions, they don’t bear any pressure of the wheel weight, so these can be used safely. But be assured to buy high-quality, billet aluminum constructed wheel spacers from a trusted brand.

Perks of Using Wheel Spacer

Wheel spacers make your vehicle ready to set off for heavy rides as depending upon the width of the spacer these will increase the distance between hub assemblies and wheels. Let’s read more for further details;

Improved Clutch and Friction:

It is a generally accepted rule that the wider the width of the wheel, the better the friction and control. Wheel spacers increase the wheelbase manifolds and thus the grip of the wheel is improved, that’s why wheel spacers are mounted in vehicles used for off-ride adventures and racing.

Appropriate fitting:

Customizing wheels are becoming the norm in youth, nowadays and using wheel spacers is a part of this fashion. But sometimes using spacers will cause misalignment between wheel frames and suspensions. But the problem can be avoided by taking mechanical advice about which size of the spacer to buy, before buying any.

Add in Physical Value:

Mounting wheel spacers make the wheels look as being placed outwardly, and this gives a heavy beast look to your vehicle. Overall the appearance of the vehicle becomes heavy and aggressive.

Types of Wheel Spacers

Mainly wheel spacers come in two types

• Slip-On/Hub Centric Spacers
• Bolt-On/ Lug Centric Spacers

Slip-On/ Hub Centric Spacers:

As the name indicates, these wheel spacers slip or slide around the wheel and remain sandwiched in between the wheel and the wheel hub. Use the diameter of the specific wheel to get the exact size of the mounting flange and mount them tightly well so that the wheel and spacer have the same alignment. Moreover, Hub-centric spacers don’t need any lug nut to be placed securely.

Bolt-On/ Lug Centric Spacers:

These spacers bolt onto the studs of the wheel and offer their studs for wheel bolts. To elaborate, these spacers use a self-centering mechanism, they use lug nuts that are tightened enough to place the spacer at the center of the wheel. It is necessary to mount the lug nuts so fast that there is no space left for misalignment. The diameter of these spacers is relatively bigger from inside.

Wheel spacers and Vehicle Alignment

If you have not undergone any prior adjustments related to toe, camber or caster then surely wheel spacers will not affect your alignment provided that they are installed by an expert. In this case, wheel spacers will only give a beast look to your vehicle and make its wheels stand outward. So, we assure you that your alignment will not be affected if you follow the proper professional procedure to get the task done.

Impact of Using Wheel Spacers on Vehicle’s Warranty

The impact of using Wheel Spacers on your vehicle’s Warranty cannot be demonstrated surely. Because it solely depends upon the dealership of your vehicle.

But still, the parts not involved in wheel spacers like engines are covered in any case. Moreover, it is being observed that the components that undergo frequent wear because of wheel spacers like bearing, axle, might not be covered.

Well. In the end, the whole story is solely dependent upon your dealership facilities and credibility.

Pitfalls of Using Wheel Spacers

Everything has its pros and cons, so as the wheel spacers have. A few of the pitfalls observed while using wheel spacers are demonstrated below:

Wheel Vibration:

Every vehicle is designed with its specifications and perfect design. This design is optimized well enough to provide a comfortable quality ride to the user. When you go for certain modifications, then minor issues as feeling vibrations in the wheel while driving can happen.

Increased Maintenance Cost:

When you opt to customize your wheelbase, it will undoubtedly insert more pressure on the parts of the vehicles like hubs, axles, bearing, and frame. So, you can expect a regular maintenance cost or quick wear-off of such components.

Fender/ Mudguard Issues:

Factory manufactured vehicles fenders are placed at an optimal height, balanced, and placed in a way that does not hinder the wheel rotatory motion. But when you change the baseline of the wheel to make it more broad using wheel spacers, this can sometimes lead to a mudguard rub with the wheel, or damage to the fender might occur.

Purpose of Using Spacers:

Initially understand what do Wheel Spacers do? These spacers are placed between the hub and wheel to make the wheel appears as standing out or farther. This is done for aesthetics or off-road ride both. Or technically explaining, this helps the wheels to go easy with brakes, hubs, and suspensions.


As my final verdict upon, are the wheel spacers safe to use? I would say, yes! If being installed properly and technically by the expert. Wheel spacers are in the market for decades and are safely used by thousands, you just need to make sure that you are using the exact size, high quality, suitable type, and technical installation of the part using professional mechanic assistance.
Best of luck with your Wheel Beast Look!


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