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How To Find The Best Trailer Brake Controller In 2017?

Anyone who enjoys camping knows that to tow a camper behind your truck, you need a trailer brake control. Regardless of what you are towing, you will be adding extra weight to your vehicle, which means that it will put more pressure on the brakes.

Having separate brakes to help you stop is ideal, but you will also need a way to control these brakes, which is where a trailer brake controller comes into play. Which is the best trailer brake controller?

This guide will take a look at five of the best options, but let's begin by looking at some important considerations you will need to make.

Top 5 Best Trailer Brake Controllers

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Finding The Best Fire Extinguisher For Your Car: All You Need To Know

Purchasing a fire extinguisher for your home almost seems like a no-brainer. Fires can start from a wide variety of places, so you should always have an extinguisher on hand just in case a fire breaks out in your kitchen or other areas of the house. This is a great practice, but did you know that you should have a dedicated fire extinguisher for your vehicle as well?

Fires can easily break out in your car. These fires can ignite completely without warning and they can be utterly devastating if you don't have any way to control them. Fires can be caused by faulty electrical systems, poorly maintained components, damage from a collision, or simply overheating.

The best fire extinguisher for cars will provide you with a way to quickly put out a fire in your vehicle before it can spread and cause more catastrophic damage.

Top 5 Best Fire Extinguishers For Your Car

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Ultimate Buying Guide For Best Shallow Mount Subwoofers

When we're out in our cars, we want a deep bass experience that can provide a truly immersive music experience. Cars are the perfect self-contained audio chambers, so when we have a great audio system with thrumming bass, the driving experience is significantly enhanced.

Unfortunately, our cars don't always have the space for the largest subwoofer systems, and if we don't want to do major enhancements to the structures of our cars, we can pick a smaller unit that can serve as the best shallow mount subwoofer.

These types of units provide the best performance for someone who is an audiophile or a lover of nuanced sound.

Top 5 Best Shallow Mount Subwoofers Reviews

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Why Does My Car Shock Me? How Buying The Right Car Vacuum Cleaner Can Help!

Having a car is not just a luxury but a responsibility you have to take good care of your car. If you have a car, then you probably know the importance of cleaning it on a regular basis.

Regular vacuuming is one of the best ways to clean and maintain the interior of your car preventing unnecessary shocks.

Most people get shocks when they grab their cars as they close the door or enter inside. Ever asked yourself this question; “Why does my car shock me?” It is simple science. Static electricity building up in the body of your car is the main reason for the shocks.

However, well-maintained cars that are vacuumed regularly will never shock you.

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How To Choose The Perfect Car Wax For Black Cars

There is no other feeling like owning a black car. There is something about it that just makes it a cut above the rest. Somehow, black cars are just faster, sexier, and all around better cars than their colored counterparts.

Although you instantly become Bruce Wayne in the Batmobile when in a black car, that does not mean it is invincible. Arguably, black cars receive the worst effects of the environment, from road rash, dirt, and other inevitable fates.

One such terrible thing to happen to our beloved cars are the terrible monstrosities known as swirl marks. These marks are tiny, circular scratches in the clear coat of the paint that take away from the shine and luster of our babies.

They do not wash out, and build up over time. How can we rid these swirl marks from our beloved black beauties and protect them over time? The answer is car wax.

This article's goal is to compare popular car waxes, rate them based on cost, reviews, and actual usage, and to determine which is the best car wax for black cars.

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How To Find The Best Radar Detector Under $200?

If you want to avoid speeding tickets and see cops on the road, you need a good radar detector.

While you can pick up cheaper models, most budget models lack the feature found on more expensive ones. That doesn't mean you need to spend a bundle though.

We recommend sticking to a budget of around $200. The best radar detector under 200 will come with some great features and still be capable of identifying different bands and lasers used by law enforcement. With one of these models in your car, you can avoid costly speeding tickets and points on your license.

Top 5 Best Radar Detector Under $200

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