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Ways To Minimize The Chances Of Car Accidents

Minimize Car Accident Infographic

Minimize Car Accident Infographic

Car accidents are not something that is uncommon in pretty much any country around the world. No matter what country you go to, there will always be some news of a car crash or a car accident. Even if you drive around normal streets that you pass by on your daily trip to work or school, you can usually encounter minor car accidents wherein a car bumped the car in the front. I’m sure you don’t want to be the one on the receiving end of an accident. In order to avoid this kind of mishap, what exactly should you do?

Well, I do recommend that you practice defensive driving. Defensive driving is the act of being extremely careful and not being too headstrong when you’re on the road. Let me give you some tips on how to drive defensively.

Avoid Speeding!

This is one of the worst habits of drivers everywhere– speeding. This is especially true during rush hours in the morning and in the late afternoon when people are going to work and going back home respectively. This is in fact, one of the main causes of car accidents in any part of the world. If you want to avoid car accidents, then don’t speed. There are usually speeding signs that tell drivers how fast they are supposed to go. This is too make sure that your car doesn’t go out of control. Follow these speed signs and avoid going too fast!

Speed Limit


Learn the Signs on the Road

You must definitely learn all of the signs on the road. These signs were put there to maintain order and they should always be followed by not just drivers, but also pedestrians and motorists as well. Some of the most common signs that you probably already know of are the stop sign, no u-turn sign, and the no parking sign. There are still much more there and you should have an idea of what they are. Also, you must observe the painted signs on the ground. These are also signs that should guide you on how to move on the road.  If you don’t follow the rules on the road, then you’ll be caught by the traffic enforcers and have your license taken away so study the signs well and avoid punishment.

Observe The Traffic Signals

Aside from the road signs, you must also take note of traffic signals. These signals can come from traffic lights, traffic aides, or even other drivers on the road. Obviously, the traffic light has three colors: green, yellow, and red. Green means go, red means stop, and yellow means go slower (please don’t mistake yellow for go faster so you can beat the red light).

Traffic enforcers would also give signals in the absence of a traffic light. When an enforcer lifts his hand up, this means that people in your lane will stop. If he signals your lane to go, then you go. Traffic enforcers would also point in the direction that the car is supposed to go to.

Other drivers may also give signals to you as well. For example, if you are a pedestrian and a car is approaching the pedestrian lane, the right act for the car is to stop and beckon the pedestrians to cross using a hand signal. In an intersection, drivers may also beckon other drivers to cross. In order to practice defensive driving, I would always recommend that you let others pass first and then you go after. Learn to allow other drivers the right of way and use a hand gesture to signal them.

Don’t Go Too Near Other Cars

This is yet, another very common cause of car accidents. When two cars are competing for the right of way, they often go too near each other. If you practice defensive driving, then don’t go near other vehicles no matter what. The general rule here is that if you can’t see the tires of the car that is front of you or at your sides, then you are already too near. Always make sure that you can still see the tires of the cars surrounding you. This will give you an idea as to whether you are too close or not.

Follow Your Lane

Road lanes are put there for a reason. The lane directs you to where you are supposed to go so that you won’t block the other cars at the back of you. If you are in the right lane, you’re turning to the right. If you are in the left lane, you’re turning to the left. If you’re in the middle lane, then you go straight.

Don’t follow the bad practice of “create-a-lane” where you just pick any lane and drive wherever you want to. This can cause accidents especially when the car at the back of you is taken by surprise.



Use Your Indicator When Turning

When you make a turn, don’t ever forget to turn on your indicator or your turn signal. For those who don’t know what the turn signal is, it is a little lever beside your steering wheel that signals the cars surrounding you that you are going to make a turn. Why is this important? It’s because you are making sure that the cars around you are not caught off guard by your movement. Whenever you want to turn, flick your indicator to the right direction so you can give other vehicles a heads up.

Make Sure All your Mirrors are Positioned Properly

Your mirrors are used to make sure that you don’t bump into other cars that may come out from a blind spot. There are three mirrors that should be taken note of. These are the front mirror and side mirrors. The front mirror gives you a heads up on the movement of the car at your back. The side mirrors, on the other hand, will show you how the cars on your sides are moving. This is extremely important so that you don’t go bumping into a car beside or behind you.

Tune Your Car Regularly

If you take care of your car properly, then it will also take care of you. If there are defective parts inside your car, then your vehicle might go out of control which can in turn cause an accident. If you want to avoid having road accidents, then you have to make sure that your car is in good working condition. You don’t need to tune it up weekly but at the very least, you have to tune it or maintain it bi-weekly so that you won’t have a defective vehicle.

The only way to protect yourself from any car accidents is to drive defensively. You can’t control how other people drive but you can definitely control how you drive. Don’t follow the bad drivers because they have a big chance of getting into a car accident. If you value your own safety, then you know exactly what to do when you are on the road. Don’t forget then when you drive recklessly, you are not only putting yourself in danger, but you are putting the people inside your car in danger as well. Drive safely and you won’t have a problem.


The Best Places To Watch A Car Racing

We all know that there are around a hundred car race tracks around the world where fans can watch their favorite racers compete against each other. Of course, there are car races that are held very often in these race tracks and if you are a fan of outdoor racing, then you'll definitely want to watch a race or two.

Just to give you an idea, I'll be listing down what I think are some of the best race tracks to watch car racing at and the best areas that you can go to in order to get the best view from above.

1. Monaco in Paris, France

Ever heard of the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix? If not, then you should definitely check it out. What makes the race track of the Monaco Grand Prix one of the best in the world? Well, it's because the race track runs through the city and also a harbor.

If you are watching from a window, you can see your favorite racers pass through the harbor and also pass by really big yachts that are huge in size. I would say that the scenery makes this track one of the most beautiful ones all over the world. Spectators will definitely have a grand time while they immerse themselves in the scenery while watching the race.

I'll give you a hot tip on where's the best place you can watch the Monaco Grand Prix from. In case you're low on budget and you can't buy tickets to the track, then you can book a room in the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo.

Now, one thing you have to remember is that this hotel already books some rooms in advanced so that fans of formula 1 racing can enjoy the view of the track from the hotel. If you'd like, you can book a guest room a few months before the race and get an awesome view of the track from your room.

Trust me, you'll be able to see everything from that angle. The hotel has selected only the rooms with the best views for fans to book.

2. Marina Bay Street, Singapore

Welcome to sunny Singapore - The most modern and urbanized country in the entire South East Asia. Singapore has always been known for its beautiful buildings and luxurious tourist attractions.

Another thing that Singapore is very known for is its formula one race track! Just like in Monaco, the race track runs through the harbor and through the city which means that you can see your favorite racers drive by mega-sized yachts that you can only dream of having.

What makes Singapore's races really unique is that they are sometimes held at night. This is something that not many hosts do because of the dangers that night racing would pose. However, Singapore prepares for this event well by fully illuminating the race track and also making sure that all areas are secured. Everything is completely safe for the driver.

As for the best place to stay to get the best view of the race... I would probably recommend Mandarin Oriental. The best thing about Mandarin Oriental is that it is smack in the middle of the race track.

No matter where you go, you'll be able to see the race when you look down from a window. If you want a nice view of the race in Marina Bay Street, then you better book a room quickly because rooms in that hotel fill up real fast right before the race.

3. Monza, Italy

Monza is the home to one of the most amazing race tracks in the entire world. In fact, the locals refer to the track as the magical track because a lot of victories and accidents have already happened during the races there.

The track is also very known for its green surroundings. The number of trees near the track can give you a very country feel that can relax you and make you feel excited at the same time.

The best place to stay in order to get a good view would be the Armani Hotel Milano. This hotel is the ideal place to stay because it overlooks the race track.

Though it only opened quite recently, we can expect many people (especially foreigners) to book rooms in that hotel so that they can get a good look at the race track. If you want to watch the Grand Prix, then get yourself a room fast.

4. Sepang in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

If you are a big fan of formula one racing, then it is impossible to have not heard of the legendary Sepang International Circuit.

Unlike most race tracks, the Sepang International Circuit does not run through a city or a harbor – It is situated in a rather deserted area. By being in a rather deserted area, there are no tall buildings, skyscrapers, or billboards to block the view.


There are a few hotels nearby that overlook the circuit but that's about it. The circuit is also near the Kuala Lumpur International Airport which means that people traveling to Malaysia can get to the race track right away. No more long drives and traveling. Once you get out of the airport, you can just walk to the circuit.

The best place to view the circuit is in Sama Sama Hotel, which happens to also be really near the airport. This is very practical for the foreigners because you can just check in and watch the race right away.

If you don't want to check in the hotel, then you may also watch the race from the airport itself. However, I would still suggest that you check in because the view won't be as nice.

5. Montreal, Canada

In the Ile Notre-Dame island, there is a circuit known as the Gilles Villeneuve which is Canada's signature race track. This beautiful race track runs through the quaint little streets of Montreal so fans can have both a great view of the island and a great view of the race.

The best place to watch the race would be in the Ritz Carlton hotel which is a luxury hotel that oversees the entire track. You can see the streets that the cars would pass as well as the track itself. This is definitely the place that you should go to if you want to watch the entire race from a very clear bird's eye view.


These are some of the best race tracks or circuits that you can visit around the world. If you are a true fan of car racing, then you will definitely appreciate being there and watching all the action instead of just cheering for your favorite racer while watching the television screen.

You don't even need to be on the bleachers to get a nice view of the race. All you have to do is find a good place where you can see the cars move. The hotels that I've mentioned above are the most recommended place to stay if you want to watch the race live.

Just make sure that you bring a pair of binoculars just in case you are near-sighted. You might have to zoom in a little if you want to really see your favorite racer.


Top 10 Car Racers With The Most Number Of Wins

Formula One (more popularly known as F1) is one of the most prestigious race that is governed by the Federation Internationale l’Automobile (also known as FIA). Many fans all over the world follow this high-class open-wheeled auto car racing competition.

F1 competitions are often referred as Grand Prix. Formula 1 race are often done on closed city streets and purpose-built circuits. Over the past years, the Grand Prix events are usually moved from one country to another. Grand Prix is held yearly in different countries.

One of the most popular Grand Prix events happened in Monaco in Monte Carlo.

The highlight of the Grand Prix, just like any other race, is to see the winner: the fastest man in the world. Different champions emerged yearly, some have won previously and some had just started their path to becoming one of the most successful car racers in the world.

In this, we are going to list down ten of the most successful race cars drivers in the world of Formula One Grand Prix.

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