Best Car Wax For Black Cars 2021

How To Choose The Perfect Car Wax For Black Cars

There is no other feeling like owning a black car. There is something about it that just makes it a cut above the rest. Somehow, black cars are just faster, sexier, and all-around better cars than their colored counterparts.

Although you instantly become Bruce Wayne in the Batmobile when in a black car, that does not mean it is invincible. Arguably, black cars receive the worst effects of the environment, from road rash, dirt, and other inevitable fates.

One such terrible thing to happen to our beloved cars is the terrible monstrosities known as swirl marks. These marks are tiny, circular scratches in the clear coat of the paint that takes away from the shine and luster of our babies.

They do not wash out and build up over time. How can we rid these swirl marks from our beloved black beauties and protect them over time? The answer is car wax.

This article’s goal is to compare popular car waxes, rate them based on cost, reviews, and actual usage, and determine which is the best car wax for black cars.

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What Is Car Wax?

Car wax is a specially formulated substance designed to fill in the swirl mark scratches on your vehicle’s clear coat and hide them, restoring the paint’s original condition.

It also is formed with elements that give off a shine and luster when the light hits just right.

It also forms a protective layer over top of the paint to give an extra line of defense in the fight against dirt and debris.

Do I Actually Need To Wax My Car?

In all honesty, no, you do not need to wax your car. It is up to you, the vehicle owner, to determine how much time you want to spend taking care of your vehicle.

Some owners go months, even years, without washing their vehicles, letting the elements take their toll on what was so beautiful years ago. Other owners wash their cars daily, not letting a single spec of dirt hurt their beautiful baby.

It is a balance, and car wax can help. A weekly car wash along with a monthly waxing is a great formula to preserve your vehicle in a healthy manner and keep it shining for years to come.

It is an investment as well, as when reselling a car the first things a potential buyer sees are the paint and body! Car waxing is a relatively easy process with remarkable results, and with black cars, you can tell the difference every time between a waxed and unwaxed car.

Scotty Kilmer, a professional mechanic who makes YouTube videos for the common car owner, has a YouTube video about car waxing that gives an excellent explanation as to why car waxing is an incredible investment. Also included is a picture showcasing the difference between an unwaxed black car and a waxed black car by comparison.

Which Do I Buy? The Most Expensive One, Right?

Not necessarily. Just like any other product, there are a multiplicity of products available that are tailored to your needs as a potential car waxer. Ranging in price from $10 to over $100, there are options to suit your specific needs as a black car owner.

  • A $10 option might be suitable for a car without much paint damage and possibly used to upkeep a car’s paint.
  • A $100 option maybe for someone with a vehicle on its last leg, a wax the last-ditch effort to make it look good once again.

You as the consumer should determine what your needs are when deciding to wax your black car, and with the help of this article figure out the right product to keep your black car shining for years to come.

What Do I Look For When Buying Car Wax?

Kind Of Wax

Trusted Brands

Type Of Application

Is It A Black Car Wax?

Product Reviews

In this article, I will be reviewing five separate products that have been highly used and criticized. These products are all from trusted manufacturers, and truthfully all are reliable options.

This section will help you determine which wax you should pick for your own black car needs. I will include a list of pros and cons to stack up against each other to weigh our options.

1 Meguiar’s G6207 Black Wax Paste

1.Meguiar's G6207 Black Wax Paste

Meguiar’s is a trusted car detailing company, with products ranging from car wash soap to headlight lens restoration equipment. Anything from them typically is a safe choice.

This wax overall received incredible reviews from consumers and did not disappoint. For regular consumers looking to wax their cars for the first time, this may be a reliable option. For a car with more damage to the paint, there may be another intensive option more suitable.

  • Specifically designed for black cars
  • Paste application, meaning it does a good job of preserving and protecting a car’s paint when applied correctly and with time
  • Includes a pad in the kit, usable either by hand or able to be attached to a buffing tool
  • Rated for months of protection
  • Applicator tube is slightly odd to use, especially when reaching empty
  • Size is not appropriate for a full wax job. Might need multiple product applications to ensure correct waxing
  • Some say shine looks good but fails to pop like other waxes
  • Some complain the application pad causes swirl marks in the first place
  • No way to shake or mix the wax if sitting on the shelf for an extended time

2 Turtle Wax T-3KT Black Box Kit

2.Turtle Wax T-3KT Black Box Kit

This kit is a great choice for initial wax and routine waxing. It provides detailed instructions and comes with all that you need to get into waxing your car. Turtle Wax is another trusted brand and normally does not disappoint.

Though this option may be more time-consuming, it is a celebrated option to treat your black car. It may be best to keep extra rags and towels handy to keep the mess down to a minimum and make sure the directions are followed carefully.

  • Cheap
  • Comes with both pre-cleaner and conditioner to enhance the wax experience
  • Designed with black cars in mind
  • An “all-in-one” kit, before, during, and after waxing
  • Comes with a paste application and a spray wax detailer, for initial and routine waxing
  • Messy, gets on things you touch
  • More of an involved process. Not as simple as other products
  • Requires you to essentially wash your car twice
  • Requires more time

3 Liquid Wax By CarGuys

3.Liquid Wax By CarGuys

The Paint Sealant Liquid Wax by CarGuys is an awesome car waxing product. Both environmentally friendly and easily applicable, this product is a guiltless and time safe option.

Other companies keep their prices low from using low-grade chemicals that are harmful to the environment, but CarGuys use natural and non-harmful chemicals meant to preserve both your car’s paint and the environment.

The only downside is the price, coming in at triple the cost of many mainstream wax applications. For such a hefty price, the sizing does not include an incredible amount of product either.​

  • Environmentally friendly, not used with harmful chemicals
  • Includes applicator pad and buffing towel
  • Extremely easy application and removal
  • 100% money back guarantee if not satisfied
  • Price compared to other options
  • Takes a longer time to dry than other products

4 Liquid Glass LG-100 Ultimate Auto Polish/Finish

4.Liquid Glass LG-100 Ultimate Auto Polish Finish

The Liquid Glass is an interesting option for waxes. A good size for the price, the application is a simple process. Just apply to a towel, spread on the surface of the vehicle, and let it dry.

The only downside is its older car paint specification. While newer products are engineered to be applied to newer car paint, this product might be the wiser choice for older cars.

  • NEVER has to be removed
  • High gloss finish
  • Will not crack, chip, or peel on clear coat
  • Good size for the price
  • Not available in the state of California
  • Not specifically designed for black cars
  • Potential to overload paint if too much applied
  • Older, petroleum-based product, recommended for older car applications
  • Does not shed water as well
  • Does not create as much of a shield against dirt and debris

5 P21S 12700W Carnauba Wax

5.P21S 12700W Carnauba Wax

The P21S Carnauba Wax is a great clay-like paste option wax. With the correct applicator pad or buffing machine, the product goes on incredibly smoothly. Without discoloring or powdering, this wax is a reliable source on black cars.

The only cons are its price and applications, considering it may take more elbow grease to apply correctly. It also is not directly designed with black cars in mind.

  • Clay like paste wax
  • Non-powdering and no white stains
  • Does not leave fingerprints when running fingers across paint
  • Does not discolor black trim
  • Hard to remove
  • Harder to apply
  • If done wrong, can ruin the original intended effect
  • Pricey

Finding the Right Car Wax that’s Best For You

All of these waxes are great options for a black car, all accomplishing a similar effect of shine and luster on a black paint job. To name a victor, a few conditions must be met.

When considering the price, ease of application, and seamless usage, it comes down to Meguiar’s Black Paste Car Wax. With an easy application and pad included, cheap price, and specific design accommodated for black cars this wax takes the cake.

This wax is a great candidate for monthly waxing at a good price. This product is suitable for all kinds of black car owners and is readily available online and in stores. Meguiar’s is a trusted and reputable brand with great consumer backing.

With critical acclaim in mind, I would consider the CarGuys Paint Sealant Liquid Wax if not picking up the Meguiar’s. Though a little more pricey, this option includes an environmentally friendly formula, used with natural ingredients to keep the environment protected as well.

The bottle comes with 16 0z. worth of product, offering a suitable amount to shine and wax your black car. Intended with showroom finish in mind, this wax is a great option for those looking to bring your black car back to life from the dead.

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