Best Door Speakers for Bass 2021

How To Create The Best 6.5 Experience For Your Car

If you are searching for some of the best door speakers for car audio and bass, then you have quite a few options. Audio is typically augmented by your car’s unique sound chamber design, so getting a great audio system to take advantage of this design is an audiophile’s dream.

The first step that I always tell people to take is to first find the best door speakers for bass. Typically, better bass will provide a deep thrumming resonance in your car, and this always sounds better when listening to your favorite tunes.

Let’s take a look at a few features and useful tips that you should look for when you’re searching for your perfect car door audio system.


Pre-purchase Considerations for Best Door Speakers for Bass

As a rule, I always go for 6.5 sound systems as they provide some of the richest experiences available on four wheels.

Also, the best door speakers for sound quality will always cost a little more than those with a more middling cost, so take cost into account as well.

1. Bass Response

Many types of music require that a speaker can produce a thrumming bass sound in order to convey all of the appropriate notes and sounds inherent in their songs.

Higher wattage speakers will ensure that a strong bass sound is generated, but good subwoofers with a properly designed, door-fitting cabinet will also ensure powerful, vivacious beats for your car.

If you want to search on your own, check into the door speakers that contain a subwoofer that’s dedicated to this range of sound. These types of door speakers manage the lower end of the human audio spectrum, which is how our ears process the bassiest sounds.

You can expect the output sounds produced by this type of car door speaker to typically range from an audio frequency that hovers from around 20Hz to around 300Hz.

2. Ease of Installation

Installing your new door speakers can be either a difficult process or an easy one. Most door speakers are designed to easily replace the factory speakers that come with your vehicle.

On the other hand, some might require you to do some cutting in order for the speakers to fit well inside your door’s frame.

Typically, you’ll need a dedicated set of tools to complete the installation of the easiest-to-install types of speakers. Here is a list of what you’ll want to have:

  • Socket Wrench: You may need one of these to remove some bolts in the door frame.
  • Phillips Screwdriver: Most paneling is connected via Philips head screws, so you’ll need this to take them out.
  • T15 Torx Screwdriver: Once again, panel attachment methods aren’t necessarily standard; some screws may have needed this unique style of the screwdriver.
  • Flathead Screwdriver: For removing some screw covers and areas of the panel.
  • Zip Ties: You’ll need this to secure the wiring of the speaker so that the power windows won’t disconnect it.
  • Panel Tool: For removing the door panel.
  • Flush Cut Pliers: This will let you cut the zip ties.
  • A Razor Blade or Utility Knife: If you need to make an incision in order to make room for you new speakers, you’ll need these.

Once you have the tools, installation is relatively easy; just expose any covered screens, remove the attaching screws, unplug the power lock wires, remove the panel, unplug your factory speakers and plug in your new one, and replace the paneling.

3. Coaxial Vs. Component

Which type of door speaker you select, coaxial or component is going to vary on your budget and if you consider yourself a discerning audiophile.

Component speakers are widely considered the best door speakers for the sound quality of the two choices. Unfortunately, these door speakers are also considered the most expensive and the sound quality differential is minimal for many.

Coaxial, on the other hand, is far more common, with many factory speakers actually being this type. Coaxial can sound great and features the same amount of audio frequencies that are generated on component systems.

The chief difference is that the drivers are combined in order to make them cheaper to produce. With that said, these types are typically much easier to fit in the space provided in your car door.

About Autos has an absolutely excellent, in-depth guide that details the differences between these two unique speaker types.

4. Sensitivity

This consideration will vary based on how much power your car’s amp puts out. For a low-level amplifier, your speaker will have to typically deal with 15 watts or less of power. For a high-powered system, your speaker will have to manage 16 watts or more.

If you have a lower-powered amplifier, then you should seek out a unit with higher sensitivity.

If you have a higher-powered unit, then it’s better to seek out a lower sensitivity model of door speaker.

Typically factory-installed amps have a lower power and aftermarket units produce more.

5. Material And Build Quality

Most factory-installed speakers tend to degrade quicker than those that you purchase separately for your car. This is typically because they are made of a low-quality material that wears out after they are subjected to years of your music.

For the most part, you’ll want to avoid speakers constructed of materials like the ones found in factory units; better materials usually mean that the speakers will function far longer.

Reviews Of 5 Best Door Speakers for Bass 2021

1 Polk Audio DB651 6.5″/6.75″ 2-Way Marine Certified db Series Car Speakers with Liquid Cooled Silk Tweeters

1.Polk Audio DB651 6.5 6.75 2-Way Marine Certified db Series Car Speakers with Liquid Cooled Silk Tweeters

These Polk Audio coaxial speakers are a great option for someone looking to upgrade their car’s sound system and bring it to a higher level of aural quality.

As coaxials, you’ll have a relatively easy time installing these; simply remove the paneling and drop them in. These speakers are actually available in two distinct configurations: standard and slim.

Slim is a great option for those who have car doors that may have a little less space for standard-sized speakers.

A chief problem with OEM speakers is that they aren’t really designed to last; with some models conking out well within the lifetime of the car. These speakers, on the other hand, are crafted of quality materials that will last you through years, if not decades of listening.

The cone is filled with a polymer/mica composite mineral filling that allows for some distortion-free listening. The cone itself is made of a relatively stiff yet lightweight material that is made to last; even under high sound output.

Cooling is also executed well in this 6.5 door speaker system. Polk included a pole plate heat sink in this speaker’s design that dissipates heat at a very efficient level, ensuring that the heat that is typically generated by sound systems of this type is managed so as not to cause excess damage. In addition to this, these speakers use a liquid cooling system for the dome tweeter.

  • These speakers aren’t just for cars; they are fully marine certified, so if you are looking for a speaker system for your boat, these may be for you.
  • The tweeters on these speakers utilize a swivel mount system. With this, you can direct the sound as you’d like it to be heard.
  • ​Installing these speakers is incredibly easy.
  • Audio quality is top-notch. These 6.5 speakers provide a significant boost from run-of-the-mill OEM-style speakers.
  • These speakers have an unfortunate tendency to distort somewhat at high volume levels. While this might not be noticeable to most users, this minute distortion is definitely present.
  • Once again, the grill of these speakers utilizes a spoked design that is unattractive and somewhat gaudy.
  • The tweeters on these speakers are very small; fortunately, there is some great bass response from these speakers that ensure a very nice-sounding overall experience.

2 Pioneer TS-A1685R 350 Watts 4-Way Car Speakers, 6 1/2 Inch – 6 3/4 Inch, 1 Pair

2.Pioneer TS-A1685R 350 Watts 4-Way Car Speakers, 6 1.2 Inch - 6 3.4 Inch, 1 Pair

For next-level bass, look no further than the Pioneer TS-A1685R. These 6.5 devices are some of the best door speakers for bass. Utilizing a rigid, yet lightweight multi-layer mica-matrix cone system, these speakers are able to produce some of the best bass responses of any of the speakers we’ve reviewed in this guide.

Since speakers with great bass responses can also be the prime offenders when it comes to distortion, I find it amazing that these speakers are nearly distortion-free at average levels.

Like many of the products listed here, you’ll probably have a better overall experience if you try to use these with an aftermarket amplifier/stereo system, but you’ll find that these perform well even when you use your car’s factory-standard stereo.

In addition to this, these are also rated for use in marine situations; they stand up well against the corrosion that can occur in the moist environments that occur when they are installed in boats.

  • These speakers have a spectacular audio range. They can go as low as 34 Hz, which is exceedingly low and stretch to as high as 30 kHz, which is the highest of the 6.5 door speakers in our lineup.
  • The soft dome tweeter/midrange driver uses a waveguide enclosure so that off-axis response is much smoother than many speakers currently on the market.
  • Pioneer utilized an elastic polymer speaker surround system that will propagate your entire car with vibrant, distortion-free sound performance.
  • These are very high-sensitivity speakers; as a result, your sound will be vibrant. These speakers also use a heat-resistant coil wire to dissipate the excess heat energy from high wattage amplifiers.
  • You’ll need to use mounting brackets for installation. These speakers simply have a differing form factor from many of the OEM speakers that come pre-installed on many modern vehicles.
  • You’ll have to purchase an external amplifier and subwoofer to get the best bass response possible.
  • These speakers are deep. You may have no trouble installing them in the front doors of your car, but you may have issues with the rear doors; it’ll depend on the model of the car, of course.

3 Infinity Reference 6032cf 6.5-Inch 180-Watt High-Performance 2-Way Speakers (Pair)

3.Infinity Reference 6032cf 6.5-Inch 180-Watt High-Performance 2-Way Speakers (Pair)

This Infinity 6.5 inch door speaker has a lot of great features for an audiophile to enjoy.

First, the tweeter has a uni-pivot head that will allow you to adjust the direction of the sound flow. These uni-pivot tweeters are typically mounted at a 15 degree angle in order to provide an immersive sound experience.

With this versatility, you’ll be able to adjust the tweeter, so that you can attain the best possible audio imaging that’s available in your car.

When it comes to sound performance, these speakers also utilize edge-driven textile dome tweeters that increase power handling and reduce distortion significantly. The tweeter provides astonishingly clear highs and the bass performance is crisp and thrumming.

Amazingly, this door speaker can also manage 180 peak power handling; once again ensuring that the sounds generated from these devices are clear and distortion-free.

These speakers also use a cone that has a larger surface area than many competing door speakers. The result is a larger sound with more nuance.

Interestingly, Infinity used edge-driven domes on these speakers that are typically found in home audio speakers.

  • Installation is very easy to accomplish, simply place it where your factory-standard OEM speakers rest inside your door’s frame and you’ll be done.
  • The uni-pivot technology is perfect for audiophiles to customize the audio experience.
  • You can adjust these speakers to a +3db tweeter level. This will allow you to experience a brighter sound profile.
  • These are very efficient speakers. Your bass output will be clean and your high and mids will be very detailed.
  • For some vehicles, the speaker foam can touch the factory grill, which will impede the overall speaker performance.
  • If these don’t fit your vehicle, it may be hard to get a refund from the manufacturers.

4 KICKER DS60 6.5″ 400 Watt 2-Way Car Coaxial Audio Speakers 11DS60 + Earbuds

4.KICKER DS60 6.5 400 Watt 2-Way Car Coaxial Audio Speakers 11DS60 + Earbuds

The Kicker DS60 is one of the best 6.5 door speakers on the market today. This is because of the rich sound that can be generated by this 6.5 inch, 400 watt devices.

Firstly, unlike many component model speaker systems, installation of these speakers is a very easy process. You simply need to remove the old speakers, connect the wiring, and drop in the new ones.

Once you’ve installed all four of these speakers into your door frames, I find that it’s best to install an additional car stereo that has a higher-powered amplifier; you’ll love the resultant sound quality. Otherwise, you might find that these aren’t quite living up to their full potential.

The power of these speakers lies in their mid-range. These have a great bass quality as well, but the mid-range sounds are very resonant; making it easy for you to become immersed in the music.

One of the coolest bass features of these speakers is the EVCTM or the Extended Voice Coil technology that Kicker included to help produce great bass. The resulting booms and thrums that will come from your doors really sound great on a long drive.

From a power standpoint, these are also very versatile. At MAX power handling, these speakers can handle 100 watts per unit for a total of 400 watts for two pairs. At RMS levels of power, each speaker is capable of handling 50 watts, or 200 watts for the two pairs.

  • Crisp-sounding music that spans the entire range of sound from the higher range to the mid and the low range.
  • These are very easy to install speakers. You’ll simply have to open up the paneling using the tools that I mentioned before and drop the new speakers into the slots.
  • When it comes to the overall performance range, these speakers are rated at 45hz-20khz. More expensive speakers come in at 50hz+-20khz, which means that these are great performers for the money spent.
  • These speakers come in at a very competitive price and are perfect if you’re looking to replace your stock speakers cheaply.
  • While these speakers have great bass utilizing the EVCTM technology, this bass is often outperformed by the excellent high-range tweeters.
  • The stylized speaker grill cover is a little silly-looking. Each speaker features a five spoked design that doesn’t look great aesthetically.

5 Kicker DS65 6.5″ Coax Speakers (Pair)

5.Kicker DS65 6.5 Coax Speakers (Pair)

Our second Kicker mode, these DS65 speakers are great for solid sound with thrumming bass performance.

Firstly, the diameter of the cone on these speakers is relatively wide. This cone on an average 6.5 inch speaker is typically much smaller. The result? I’ve noticed some genuinely powerful sound output from these speakers.

The cone itself is very rigid but light enough to move when generating sound; this makes for a very responsive speaker that is very aurally immersive.

In addition to this, these speakers utilize a titanium dome tweeter system that utilizes larger coils, so that when you are listening to your favorite tunes, the highs and mids come through with stunning clarity. This in conjunction with the Kicker EVCTM for bass will help you hear a much fuller, multi-tiered sound.

​The curve-linear cone is comprised of polypropylene, which many industry specialists agree is one of the best materials for this type of speaker. Design-wise, this speaker also has a very utilitarian design that fits easily in just about any door.

The speaker itself is somewhat heavy, but its form factor is very thin so that you won’t have to worry about power windows striking it and causing a short.

  • Just like the previous Kicker speakers, these use the excellent EVCTM or the Extended Voice Coil technology. Your bass will be abundant, with little-to-no distortion.
  • These speakers are very competitively priced. For not a lot of money, you can purchase these and they won’t wear out or get blown when you want to play your music loud.
  • These speakers utilize an ultra-violet coating that helps them withstand high temperatures. Even if these get hot as a result of bass performance, the speakers will still continue to provide excellent sound.
  • With this particular speaker, you’ll only get two units. For a rear speaker audio experience, you’ll have to purchase two more. Still, you’ll get a lot of great sound out of these speakers.
  • Once again, the grill design is somewhat wanting. Luckily, these will most likely be hidden within the recesses of your door’s design.
  • As a result of weather, these speakers can gradually degrade in performance and audio quality.


Finding the right best door speaker for bass can make a massive difference in your car audio experience.

The list of units that we’ve reviewed here is full of excellent products that will produce great highs, mids, and lows, but each is absolutely stunning when it comes to the bass experience.

Certain genres of music like rock, rap, electronic, and reggae really depend on good bass in order to sound their best.

Of our reviewed products, I believe that the Infinity Reference 6032cf provides the best overall performance when it comes to listening to these genres.

The bottom line is, this speaker is customizable. Since cars vary in shape and size, having a speaker that doesn’t project right to all of the passengers would be unfortunate.

This infinity model, on the other hand, has a pivotable output that projects the sound to where you want it to be, Best Door Speakers for Bass provides the perfect audiophile experience for drivers and passengers alike.

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