Best RV Sewer Hose 2021

Best Rv Sewer Hose

Do you need to replace your RV sewer hose? Do you want a new, strong, and durable hose that can handle the rigors of travel with ease? If so, then this blog post is for you! We have researched extensively on various products available and found the 5 best RV sewer hoses. This will help save time when researching and allow you to make an informed decision about which product would be best for your needs.

With a variety of RV sewer hoses on the market, it can be overwhelming to find one that is right for you. This article will help narrow down your options by reviewing some of the best RV sewage hoses available today. In order to do this, we’ll compare their pros and cons so you can make an intelligent purchase decision based on what’s important to you.

For example, if durability is something that’s really important to you, there are several products with reinforced material or extra thick walls which might work better for you than those without such features.

So without any further delay let’s get started!


Best Rv Sewer Hose Buying Guide

An RV is a lot like your own home, but with an extra added feature: the ability to drive it anywhere! In order for that dream experience to be as seamless and stress-free as possible in any location you happen upon, there are some key connections needed. This includes connecting where all of those necessities go – such as water and electricity – which requires using something like the best RV sewer hoses! But there are a few factors to consider before you buy one! Let’s explore them.


When you’re camping, chances are your RV will be further from the dumpsite than it would typically need to go. That’s why we recommend buying a 20-foot extension hose and connecting it with an affordable connector that comes in many different shapes and sizes for any type of RVs.

Material Density

The KOA camping association recommends thicker wrapping material for heavy use. Hose thickness is measured in mil: 15, 18, or 26 millimeters (mm). The thicker the hose’s fabric, the better it will stand up to repeated use and resist tearing as easily.


Is your hose made of tough stuff? Sewer hoses can’t be just any ordinary garden variety; they must be strong enough to handle several gallons of waste, as well as anything else that may happen during camping season. That’s why sewer hoses are wrapped in vinyl or other plastic around a wire coil – this gives them flexibility and resilience while also preventing cracks from forming at bends when you’re using the hose for long periods.

Storage Capabilities

A sewer hose that is easy to store and can be compressed in tight spaces, with storage covers to prevent leakage of waste inside your RV. This type of hose won’t wear out as quickly, so you’ll get more use out of it throughout the camping season before needing a replacement.


The fittings are the most important part of making sure that your hose doesn’t leak. If you don’t install them properly, it won’t matter how well everything else was put together because they will still let water through and all of your work will go to waste! The rotating bayonet hook system is the best for preventing leaks, letting you position your hose where needed. The rotational joints will let your hose lay flat and not get all twisted up in knots.


You may be thinking about all the great memories of camping with your family and friends, but did you know that if a hose is not properly connected to an RV’s sewer outlet it could cause major problems?

Connecting a hose between your RV and a sewer outlet requires either connecting or disconnecting two ends. If this connection is done improperly then the waste can leak out of one end causing contamination on landfills when they are disposed of in them.

Many different models come with a bayonet adapter, but the most common is the standard 4 in 1 or 5 in 1. These adapters are for use on any type of device and offer high flexibility.


Another important factor you must consider is the warranty given by the manufacturer. Not just for sewer hoses, but any other stuff you buy online should be backed by a warranty. This helps you claim your damages.

Most of the people get some damaged products due to courier service. If your manufacturer claims a warranty, it will be easy for you to get the new one. Generally, the manufacturer gives 1 to 2 years of warranty.

5 Best Rv Sewer Hose

1 Camco RhinoFLEX

1.Camco RhinoFLEX

The Camco Rhino kit is an essential accessory for any RV owner. This heavy-duty, collapsible sewer hose is made with the most durable materials so you can enjoy all of your adventures without worrying about damaging a leaky sewage system. The tough polyolefin material and embedded steel wire make this hosing completely problem-free in even the toughest situations!

Camco’s 15′ Sewer Hose Kit comes ready to use – just extend as much or little length that suits your needs from its collapsed state. It features a sturdy reinforced polymer construction that protects against leaks and accidental punctures while also being able to withstand anything life throws at it on those long trips away from home.

Camco’s Rhino FLEX RV Hose Kit is a comprehensive and flexible hose kit that will be perfect for those who are on the go. With both 15-foot hoses, this product has it all: bayonet fitting with four prongs to create an even more secure fit; storage caps at each end of these hoses to prevent any unwanted leaks or spills from happening in your home while you’re away! Camco makes sure everything goes smoothly when camping trips turn into adventure vacations.

  • Ready-to-use kit
  • Made with the toughest hose
  • Fittings compress to 56-inches for storage
  • Some fitting issues

2 TITAN 17853

2.TITAN 17853

Stop worrying about having to empty your RV’s toilet waste when you’re at a campsite. The Titan 15-foot RV sewer hose has everything that the outdoor enthusiast needs, from ergonomic Extend Grip bayonet for easy grip and Revolve 5-in-1 adapter with handle. Whether it be hooking up to any RV sewage outlet or fitting most dumping stations, this kit is perfect!

The Titan sewer hose is made of TPE—a rugged material that won’t be crushed provides high puncture and abrasion resistance to handle any situation in the septic tank or outside drain field. It even excels at extreme temperatures!

The Titan RV Sewer Hose Kit provides a convenient means of disposing sewage from your trailer or camper while making sure to avoid foul odors by using its patented rotating design which reduces pressure loss when pumping out waste through long distances.

  • Ergonomic Extend Grip
  • Revolve 5-in-1 sewer adapter
  • Can be attached to any RV sewer outlet
  • Made of TPE, the rugged hose is crushproof
  • The hose does not retract accordion style like other hoses.

3 Valterra RV Sewer Hose Kit

3.Valterra RV Sewer Hose Kit

The Valterra RV Sewer Hose Kit is the ideal accessory for your RV. It comes with a hose, sewer cap, and a storage case that’s easy to carry around. The hose itself is made of heavy-duty material that won’t leak or break even if you drive on rough roads. This hose will also be able to fit in tight spaces because it can roll up into a compact size. You can easily store it anywhere inside your vehicle because of its small size.

The Valterra 20-Foot Dominator RV Sewer Hose Kit is the perfect choice for your next camping trip. This kit includes a detachable hose with an adapter that allows you to view when your RV is done draining. The Valterra hose is great for all-season camping trips and can withstand temperatures of -20 degrees Fahrenheit.

When we’re on the road, it’s hard to find a place for an RV hose. We found this amazing drainage adapter! With its 90-degree design, users can choose where their hose is draining from instead of always having a mess outside our trailer door with every use. The transparent plastic also provides easy viewing so there are no surprises at the end of the process!

  • 2 collapsible 10-foot hoses with rotating fittings.
  • 90-degree universal sewer adapter.
  • Leak Proof system.
  • Transparent sewer fittings allow you to see when draining has been completed.
  • Few customers received defective pieces.

4 Lippert 359724

4.Lippert 359724

Valterra’s RV Sewer Hose Kit is designed to handle your waste disposal without any leaks. The time-tested CAM lock connector ensures that there are no leaks, and the smooth interior means less of a chance for you to have plumbing problems later on down the line.

Valterra has combined two items into one with their new sewer hose kit; they take care of leak prevention as well as reducing potential future issues with clogs or other complications stemming from long-term use.

The Lippert RV sewer hose kit is the perfect accessory for any camper looking to avoid an embarrassing mess. The 5’6″ feet compressed and 20 feet extended length of this UV-protected hose means that it will be long enough no matter what your campsite’s layout may look like, while its “no kink technology” ensures there are never any nasty surprises lurking in wait when you turn on the water.

In fact, with its clear viewport which allows users to see exactly where the waste ends up before they flush their toilet or dump a black tank – as well as molded handles designed specifically for easy grip – this ingenious product takes all worries away from those who enjoy outdoor living!

  • CAM lock connector
  • Helical coil hose
  • UV-protected
  • Permanently-connected nozzle
  • 90-degree discharge port
  • Defective leaks

5 Camco RhinoEXTREME

5.Camco RhinoEXTREME

The Camco Sewer hose is durable and flexible with TPE technology that resists pinholes. These features allow for superior abrasion resistance and crush protection, which can be found in the pre-attached Rhino swivel fittings bayonet as well as a transparent elbow with 4-in-1 dump station fitting.

Camco’s RV sewer hose system is perfect for those who want to stay eco-friendly. Camco also provides two 10′ sections of tubing that are compatible with most standard inlet openings on campgrounds.

Camco’s RV hose is a must-have for any long road trip. With the transparent elbow, you can see when your tank gets empty, and with 4 different connectors, it will fit on to just about anything at every type of dump station!

  • No dent or rust and not crush Technology.
  • Superior abrasion resistance
  • Transparent elbow
  • Some customers find reused products.


Buying an RV sewer hose can be a difficult process. There are many factors to consider, such as the length of the hose, the diameter of the hose, and the material it is made out of before you purchase one. It’s important that you know what type of RVs will fit with your new RV sewage hose before buying one because some hoses might not work on certain types or brands. We explored the internet upside down to get you the right guiding information as well as the best RV sewer hoses that you can buy.

Our top product for the best sewer hose is Camco RhinoFLEX. RV owners should not be without the Camco Rhino kit. Even the toughest situations are not a problem for this polyolefin hose with embedded steel wire! Camco’s 15′ Sewer Hose Kit comes ready to use – just extend as much or little length that suits your needs from its collapsed state.

Lippert 359724 is our best value sewer hose. Valterra’s RV Sewer Hose Kit is designed to handle your waste disposal without any leaks. With this new sewer hose kit, Valterra combines two products into one; they prevent leaks as well as reduce the potential for clogs or other complications from long-term use.

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