Camping Made Easy: The Best RV Sewer Hose

Camping is a great outdoor experience that can be a lot of fun, especially if you are camping in an RV with the added conveniences of home. When you camp in an RV, you have the option to cook over a stove and do your dishes in a real sink.

You don't need to walk to the bathroom late at night, you can use the one in the camper; in fact, you can even take a shower in most of them, but what happens to all of the dirty water that you use during your camping trip?

Well, it stays in the camper until you remove it, which is why you need a sewer hose.

What is the best RV sewer hose? This guide is designed to help you decide just that by reviewing some of the top options and giving you crucial information that you need to make a purchase decision.

Let's start by taking a look at some of the features that you will want to consider.

5 Best RV Sewer Hose Reviews


Amount Of Use

You can purchase a standard sewer hose if you do not use your RV a lot, but anyone that needs to drain their black water tanks more than a few times a year will want a heavy duty design that is more durable and will last for a longer period of time.

Maybe you go camping a lot, but you do not use the facilities in the RV, then a standard sewer hose will do. Make sure you consider the amount of use that the sewer hose will get so that you do not need to replace it right away.

Length Of The Sewer Hose

If you own an RV, then you know that every campground does not have the same exact dumping station.

Sometimes you can pull right up to the drain where you dump your black and gray water tanks, which means that you will not need a long hose to get rid of the waste that has accumulated in your RV.

Other times, you will not be able to get as close, which means that you will need a larger hose so that you do not allow the waste to end up where it is not supposed to be.

We suggest getting a sewer hose that is 15 to 20 feet in length and checking the campgrounds that you frequent to see the type of length requirement you will need in that location. If more length is required, extension hoses can also be purchased.

If you decide to get an extension for your standard sewer hose, make sure that you also get the proper connectors to make sure that the hose will not leak as you are emptying the waste into the drainage pipe.


When you are shopping for an RV hose, it is important that you get a hose that is flexible.

It will need to stretch from your RV to the dump location, so it is important that the material that the hose is made from is flexible enough to go around corners without the hose bending or breaking in the process.

When you store the hose that you purchase, you will be bending it in quite a few places, so you need to make sure that you can do so with ease and without worrying that the hose will leak the next time it is used.

Consistent Flow

When you choose a sewer hose, make sure that you choose one that is wide enough to handle the flow of waste coming from your RV.

Campground dumping stations are not always level, so you may need to ensure that the flow can continue, even when the hose is not angled down a hill.


Some campers are designed with a small storage area in the back corner of your vehicle.

Other RVs have a hollow bumper that can accommodate a sewage tube. Here it will be out of sight and kept straight so that kinks do not end up in the material as it is stored.

If your RV does not have a specific place where you can store your sewer hose that will keep it away from the other hoses that you use in your camper, you can mod your camper to accommodate your needs.

Here is one idea that we have found to be very convenient.

How To Hook Up Your RV Sewer Hose

The hose is easy to use. Simply connect the sewer hose to the coupling that is located underneath your RV.

It will lock into place so that it does not separate at any time when you are removing the waste from the RV. The other end goes down into the drainage pipe at the campground as far as you can get it.

Always drain the black water tank first because that contains solid waste, then move on to the gray water tank, which is dish and shower water. Never pull both valves at the same time because that can cause the waste to back up in the gray water system.

If you are unsure which valve is which, there is a label on the side of most RVs. Check out this guide for more detailed instructions for cleaning out your RV's black water tank.

5 Best RV Sewer Hose Reviews

Camco 39770 RhinoFLEX 15' RV Sewer Hose Kit 

This kit includes everything that you are going to need to drain the waste from your RV to the dump station. It comes with a 15-foot sewer hose that is black in coloration.

The fittings are bright orange, and it comes with one bayonet fitting and an elbow fitting as well as caps for both ends. These fittings are designed to swivel so that they are easy to attach.

This unit also comes with a four-in-one dump station adaptor to accommodate different sized drain holes. The hose is designed to be durable; in fact, it is resistant to pin holes and small leaks.

The hose is also coated with a UV resin to protect it from the sun over a long period of time.


  • It fits into a four-inch bumper with the fittings attached.
  • It is easy to adjust to the length that you need.


  • The swivel of the fittings can make it difficult to attach the hose.
  • The length of the hose makes it difficult to clean.


We love the length of this sewer hose because even at the campsites where the drainage system is further from where you park, it has plenty of length. The other feature that we love is that the hose is able to extend while you are using it, and then when you are done, you can push it back together into the smaller form that fits into your bumper with ease.

Valterra D04-0275 20 Feet Dominator Sewer Hose Kit

The next option on our list is a sewer hose that is 20 feet long. The unique aspect of this hose is that it is actually designed as two smaller ten-foot sections that can be used separately or together, depending on the length that you need to drain the waste in your RV.

The hose has a rotating fitting that allows you to connect with ease, and the hose is also designed to collapse for convenient storage. The hose is constructed to be a flexible option that can be used in frigid temperatures.

It also has a UV coating that makes it durable in high heat.


  • The hose is constructed of a very durable material that lasts a long time.
  • The hose is easy to collapse to store.


  • There are no windows in the hose or the fittings to see if the waste has all been removed.


We found that no matter how much the hose was bent, it stayed flexible and stood up to abuse without leaking at all. One of the features that we like the most about this RV sewer hose is the fact that it is actually two smaller hoses that attach and separate with ease. It is a great option for anyone who frequents a few different camping locations.

Camco 39625 20' Revolution Swivel Sewer Hose Kit

The next sewer hose on our list comes from a company that has been manufacturing for over 40 years. It is a 20 foot RV sewer hose that is actually capable of being separated into two 10foot sections.

It comes complete with a lug fitting and bayonet fitting that has four prongs to ensure a more secure fit as well as a four-in-one adapter that makes it convenient for any dump site.

The fittings swivel to make it easy to connect to your RV, and the fittings compress for storage and should fit into any four-inch bumper.


  • This hose has a really tight seal.
  • The hose is made from a heavy duty, durable vinyl material.


  • When the hose is fully extended, it tends to want to retract, which can be annoying.
  • The fittings are a bit on the bulky side, making them difficult to store in the bumper of your RV.


We love the fact that this sewer hose is actually two ten foot hoses connected into one because it makes it a more versatile option that accommodates most dump sites. We also like the swivel functionality on the fittings because they make connecting the hose to the RV more convenient.

Valterra D04-0450 Viper 15' Sewer Hose Kit

The next sewer hose that we are going to review is one that is designed to be resistant to abrasions and the heat of the sun.

The fittings are designed to rotate when you attach them so that the process can easily be completed from any angle.

It is a gray tube that is capable of collapsing to make it easier to store. The 15-inch length makes it perfect for most campground sewage dumps.


  • It is a very durable hose; even stepping on it will not break it.
  • The design of the fittings makes leakage nearly impossible.


  • The flexibility of this sewer hose can make it a bit hard to keep straight when flushing the system at times.


We like the fact that the fittings are attached so that you can easily hook up and drain your sewage from your RV, and then store it away again easily. We also like how flexible the hose is, even when the temperature outside is cold.

Camco 39768 RhinoFLEX 3' Tote Tank Sewer Hose Kit

The final hose on our list is a bit on the short end, at three feet, but if you are able to get close to the dump location, it works very well.

It comes with a translucent elbow and bayonet swiveling fittings that make it easy to see when you are done dumping the waste in the RV system.

When you are ready to store the sewer hose away, the unit compresses down to 19 inches and there are two end caps that can be placed on the device as well.


  • The short length does not take much effort to store.
  • This sewer hose is very easy to clean.
  • It has interchangeable fittings that are easy to use.


  • It's short so it may not reach some dump sites.


We love the length of this sewer hose, but it only works in certain situations. The length of the unit makes it easy to store and easy to maneuver, so if you have a short distance that you need to cover, this could be a great option for you.

Final Thoughts

In this guide, we have covered a lot of the best RV sewer hose options on the market.

All of them have their advantages, but if we were to choose one as the best, it would be the Valterra D04-0275 20 Feet Dominator Sewer Hose Kit because it is a versatile option that is able to be used in ten-foot lengths or 20-foot lengths.

The material is flexible enough to maneuver, yet durable enough to last for years. In addition, it collapses down for convenient storage.

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