Tips For The Best Time To Buy An RV

Tips For The Best Time To Buy An RV

Purchasing an RV is a big step for most individuals who are new to the RV market, and one of the questions that many new buyers have is: “When is the best time to buy an RV?”

Well, since I understand how important it is to get a good deal on your new RV purchase before you make your first camping trip of the year, I created this guide to help you determine when the best time to make your purchase is.

Now, there is not a specific time that will give you all of the best RV deals around, but there are a few things to look for throughout the year that can help you save a little bit of money on your purchase.

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Tips For The Best Time To Buy An RV

Right Before The New Model Year RV Release

The new RV models typically come out in June, which means that if you are looking for a brand new 2018 RV, they will first start to appear about the time that summer and warm weather hit the northern part of the country.

That being said, an RV dealership is going to need to make room on their lot to display these new models, which means that they are going to need to get rid of the RVs from previous years that are still on the lot. If you are in the market for an RV, getting a 2017 model at the beginning of 2017 is really like purchasing a brand new RV.

Most dealers try to sell their older model RVs during the winter months so that their lots are ready for the summer. This means that if you are in the market for a new RV, you should look around January or February.

It is right after the holidays so that you don’t cut into your Christmas money, and it is only a few months before the new models are going to be released, which means that dealers will be offering sales to help close the deal.

When Demand Is Low

RV dealers will want to push their inventory out the door when sales are low. This means that you should look to purchase your new RV when the weather is cool. A lot of RVs are purchased at the spur of the moment.

You may decide that the weather is nice outside, and you want to spend more time outdoors, so you go to an RV lot to see if there is one available that you can purchase.

These types of purchases usually occur between April and August, especially when you live in the northern part of the country where the weather is going to cool off when fall hits.

When camping season is over, the demand for an RV will plummet, which means that if you are looking to buy a new RV, fall and winter are going to be the best seasons for finalizing your sale.

When Fuel Costs Are Up

Fuel often plays a big part in the RV market as well. If the cost of gas is higher than usual, you may not be interested in driving a big RV across the country, which means that purchasing a new RV is often pushed to the sidelines.

In fact, when the cost of fuel is high, some RV owners even decide to sell their RV because they cannot afford to pay for the gas to go camping. This means that the inventory at the dealerships will increase even more.

This increased inventory could give the dealer a reason to decrease the cost of some of the older models on their lots, and they may even drop the price of some of the newer models as well.

If you are not against purchasing a used model, an RV that was just traded in can often be purchased for thousands less than it is actually worth.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Deals

The bottom line is that the price that you see on an RV is never the final price that the RV dealer will be willing to sell you the RV for. If you know that the RV sales in the area are low, then the dealer is going to want to get as many RVs off of the lot as they can.

When you look at an RV in the summer, three or four other potential buyers may also be interested in the same RV, so of course, the dealer is not going to give you a special price.

If one of the other buyers is willing to pay full price, then the dealer loses money by giving you a deal.

However, if you purchase an RV in the middle of winter, it is highly unlikely that other buyers will be looking at the RV that you want to purchase.

This means that the dealer can give you a special discount to help encourage you to make the purchase on the spot. If the dealer does not offer you a deal, ask them what they can do to help you purchase the RV today.

Final Thoughts

Purchasing an RV can be a financial drain, but if you know the right time to make a purchase, you can save yourself thousands of dollars. Before jumping into an RV purchase, always remember to:

  • Look for deals when the demand is low.
  • Consider searching during the winter months.
  • Purchase your new RV when gas prices are soaring.
  • Consider purchasing last year’s models.
  • Ask for Deals at the Dealership.
  • Take advantage of RV shows in your area.

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