Best TV Antenna For RV 2021

Best TV Antenna For RV

Planning a trip without an RV antenna is hard. The antenna gets you the latest weather updates, your favorite tv program, and the latest news going on, and whatnot. Finding the best RV antenna is hard, but not with us. Below is the list of best tv antennas for RV.

RV antenna is the must-have equipment for RV. without them, your trip will start boring and end boring. Also, missing your F.R.I.E.N.D.S. episode is not an option at any cost. The weather updates are also vital for planning the destination. So, consider the tv antenna for RV- a backbone of your RV.

RVs are a second home. You can’t imagine a home without Tv. You must have an RV antenna before you start a trip to make it enjoyable. Watch movies, your favorite tv programs not only that but also get the latest news about the matches going on or the weather updates.

Weather forecast is an unignorable factor. All your RV trips depend on this. The Rv antenna gets you accurate and reliable news sources that can help you plan your destination.

With that said, let’s see our top picks for the best RV antennas.

11 Winegard RVW-395★★★★★
22 KING OA8300★★★★★
33 KING OA8500★★★★★
44 Winegard SK-SWM3★★★★★
55 KING VQ4100★★★★★
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Best Tv Antenna For Rv Buying Guide

Expensive doest always mean the best. There are a few things to consider before you buy the best tv antenna for your RV. What are those? Let find out

Mounting And Ease Of Installation

The very first thing to check before buying the antenna is its mount-ability. First, check if the antenna is okay for your RV? Can you mount it on your RV? If yes then this clears the first step of the purchase process.

Go for the antenna that is easily mounted on any point of RV. Either its roof or bumper the antenna should be flexible in this area.

Also, make sure the installations should be a one-man show. You don’t have to get a technical expert to install it every time. If all these things give a green signal we are good to go.

Signal Reception

Next, we will find out which antenna gives the best signal reception. The more strong signal reception the more channels you will have to watch.

Signal reception also affects the clarity of the channel. To watch crystal clear and HD shows, your antenna should have high reception ability.

If you fail at this point,(finding a great receptor) you may have to equip a booster to get clear and more channels.

From our list, you can go for Winegard RVW-395, its best of best signal receptors and give you a number of channels with its 55 miles reception ability.

Wi-Fi Capacity

With a lot of advancements going on, RV antennas are now equipped with WI-Fi too. This will be a WOW if your antenna got this feature. But if not there is no direct link with performance.

This is useful if you got a streaming subscription or GPS option, but if that is not what you want from an RV antenna, there is no problem.


Wight sometimes means durability. You must pay special attention to this factor if you decided to go for an outdoor model. The outdoor models should be sturdy and heavy in weight as they will be directly interacting with the outer environment. Especially if you decided to go for a jungle trip then getting a lightweight model is a foolish’s idea.

If you made your mind about having an indoor model antenna, then it’s recommended to have a lighter one. Although you can go with a heavy one, it may cause trouble afterward in your RV.

Material Used

The material determines the durability and reliability of the product. The stronger the material, the longer it will last.

Low-quality, mixed-material antennas tend to break in one or 2 trips. You have to avoid these antennas to save your dollars on frequent repairs. Instead, go for a hard-to-break antenna that lasts longer.

Durability and material become the main issue if you are choosing an antenna for out-door. It is recommended to have an aluminum antenna that is hard to break and ani-rust.

Warranty and Costing

Last but not the least, check out the warranty the company is claiming and for what price the product is selling in the market.

Always use the factors we defined in the buying guide to know the price range. A normal antenna may cost 60$ and the premium one can be as high as 1500$.

5 Best TV Antenna For Rv

1 Winegard RVW-395

1.Winegard RVW-395

Specifically designed to let RVers receive local TV channels over the air. The RVW-395 combines the latest technology with advanced material to provide high-quality reception of SD and HD signals.

This antenna is designed for use in areas where there are no cable or satellite services available, but you still want to watch your favorite programs. The RVW-395 receives all VHF and UHF programming available within a 55-mile radius. It also comes with a built-in amplifier that ensures maximum signal strength.

A compact and lightweight TV antenna that delivers crisp, clear HD video, no doubt Winegard is a great choice. This antenna requires 46.25 inches length by 15.25 inches width in order to fit on your roof. It’s also powder-coated for long-lasting durability with over 20 years of experience on RV roofs. The Winegard RVW-395 is simple to use, just raise, lower, and rotate the antenna with a hand crank. It’s perfect for any recreational vehicle or boat.

The Winegard RVW-395 is a portable RV antenna that is easy to install and can be used on any recreational vehicle. The RV antenna comes with a 2-year parts warranty and has an amplifier built in to help boost the signal.

  • Receives all VHF and UHF programming
  • Powder-coated
  • Simple to use
  • 2 Years Parts warranty
  • Replacement parts are expensive

2 KING OA8300

2.KING OA8300

KING OA8300 Digital Flat Antenna is designed to receive free digital TV signals from broadcast towers located up to 60 miles away. It works with all digital TVs, including HDTVs.

KINGs FlatWave Amped technology amplifies weak signals for maximum gain. The built-in amplifier allows you to use the included 15′ coax cable extension cable for better placement flexibility. The weatherproof housing protects your antenna from outdoor elements.

KING OA8300 Indoor Antenna is designed to improve UHF signal reception. It’s easy to install and brings you a better television viewing experience. The antenna is lightweight, compact, and portable, making it ideal for use in apartments or areas where space is limited. KING OA8300 features a sleek design with updated colors that complement today’s flat-screen televisions.

This antenna’s built-in amplifier allows you to enjoy greater reception without the need for an external amplifier. It also provides broader coverage and lets you quickly locate the strongest signal

With the KINGs FlatWave Air Amplifier built-in, you’ll get crisp digital HDTV signals up to 50 miles away. This amplified flat panel antenna features a compact design that doesn’t need an outdoor tower or rotor and provides a stronger signal than other antennas. The KING OA8300 is compatible with all TVs and provides digital quality pictures even in weak signal areas.

  • Long-range signals get more channels
  • Simple, five-minute installation
  • Better signal for more free channels
  • Enhances UHF signal reception
  • Broader reception coverage
  • Quickly locates the strongest signal and maximizes reception
  • Updated sleek design
  • Easy to use
  • Customer service need to be better

3 KING OA8500

3.KING OA8500

The king of all car antennas, the King OA8500 is a high-performance, multi-band antenna that delivers increased reception and maximum signal strength. From AM to FM to XM Satellite Radio, the King OA8500 provides superior reception for your favorite Shows. The new Signal Meter indicates when you’ve found the strongest possible signal so you can tune in with confidence. Plus, it’s easy to install and includes a custom installation kit. If you’re looking for a dependable antenna that will deliver great results, count on the KING.

Get clear reception of all your favorite local channels with the KING OA8500. This long-range antenna offers a wide channel capacity and up to 60 miles of signal acquisition.

It features SureLock technology, which helps you find the best possible signal for optimal viewing. The upgraded technology enhances UHF reception and ensures that you get the clearest picture available on airwaves today. The built-in amplifier boosts your television’s power so that you can enjoy it.

KING OA8500 is the latest in a line of high-quality antennas designed to maximize reception for your RV. This antenna features a built-in signal meter so you can see how strong your signal is as well as maximizing the reception by pointing it towards towers. The KING OA8500 also features a broader reception coverage than other antennas on the market today, allowing you to quickly locate the strongest signal.

  • Long-range signal acquisition
  • Gets more channels
  • Built-in KING SureLock signal finder
  • Upgraded technology enhances UHF signal reception
  • Some customers found delivery issue

4 Winegard SK-SWM3

4.Winegard SK-SWM3

The Winegard SK-SWM3 is a satellite dish kit that offers maximum DIRECTV HD programming. The SWM3 multi-satellite viewing system features three reflectors and its unique, snap-on design makes it easy to install.

These high-quality, outdoor satellite antennas are approved and certified by DIRECTV, an American direct broadcast satellite service provider. With the most powerful signal strength available, these dishes will provide you with the best TV experience possible.

The Winegard Mobile TV Antenna is the best way to watch TV while traveling. It receives free digital channels from broadcast towers up to 50 miles away. This antenna features a built-in rotor that rotates for easy aiming, and it includes a weatherproof design with mounting hardware for permanent or temporary installations.

This antenna provides crystal clear reception, even in areas that are known dead zones. It’s easy to install and requires no tools or assembly. The SWM-3 connects directly to your TV with just one cable, so you don’t have to worry about mounting it or hiding wires behind your walls.

  • Offer Maximum Directv Hd Programming
  • Multi-satellite Viewing
  • Approved And Certified Reflectors
  • To Provide The Strongest Signal Strength
  • Can’t be repiared

5 KING VQ4100

5.KING VQ4100

The KING VQ4100 is the world’s most advanced satellite TV receiver. It features a built-in digital HDTV tuner, so you can enjoy hundreds of channels of crystal clear digital programming without paying for expensive cable or satellite subscription fees.

The KING VQ4100 also supports multiple TV viewing with its built-in dual ATSC/ISDB-T tuners, which allow you to watch two different programs simultaneously on two separate TVs. And if that wasn’t enough, it even comes with an integrated Wi-Fi antenna that is fully automatic.

KING VQ4100 is simple to use. power up the KING Quest through the coax cable and within minutes you are all set up to watch.

  • Built-in digital HDTV tuner
  • Supports multiple TV viewing
  • Simple to use
  • Dish do not rotate


If you’re an RV enthusiast, then your next purchase should be a high-quality antenna to make sure that all of the latest updates from around the world are available at your fingertips. Antennas can come in any shape or size and be installed with ease on most RVs. Finding the best fit is hard, the article talked about the best antenna you should buy.

The winner from the list is Winegard RVW-395 is the best choice for you if you want to watch TV in your RV. It receives all VHF and UHF programming and has a 2-year warranty too. It’s simple to use and easy to install, so don’t wait any longer! The Winegard RV antenna is designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, such as rain, snow, and ice. The RVW-395 includes a mounting bracket that will allow you to mount the antenna on an RV roof or sidewall with ease.

KING OA8500 is the best option for you to get all of your favorite channels and programming. With its multi-satellite viewing, you can receive a signal from as many as 6 DIRECTV satellites at once, making it easy to find the perfect program for every member of your family. This dish is approved by DIRECTV and has been certified by reflectors to provide the strongest signal strength possible. Its simple installation takes only a few minutes, so you can enjoy more entertainment with less hassle!

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