Best Winches for Jeep 2021

Best Winches for Jeep

Do you have a Jeep? Are looking to explore it more often? Well, then you need one of these! Winches for Jeeps are perfect for anyone who likes to go off-roading and take their Jeep along with them. Here are some of the best winches for a jeep that you can use wherever you go!

They can be used as a winch, tow strap, self-recovery line, cargo winch, and much more! The best part is that they work on your vehicle’s gears so there is no need to worry about all the extra weight slowing down your vehicle. My favorite thing about them is that they come in different sizes depending on what size truck or jeep it will be going onto.


Best Winches for Jeep Buying Guide

Choosing the best winch for your jeep can be a daunting task. There are so many factors to consider before you buy that it is hard to know where to start. In this guide, we will go over what these factors are and how they affect your decision-making process when buying a winch for your jeep.

The Capacity of the Winch

The capacity of the winch is a very important factor to consider. The capacity will tell you how much weight your winch can pull before it breaks, and what size rope or cable it needs to come with. There are two different capacities in which we’ll be looking at: peak load and working load limit (WLL). Peak Load tells you how heavy the heaviest object that must be pulled would have to be for the winch’s internal components to break while WLL gives you an idea about how many times the average person might need their jeep’s winches over its lifetime.

The length of the line

The length of the line for your winch is another factor to consider, and it will tell you how far away from a wall or object you can get before needing more line. If this number is too short then sometimes there are kits that have been designed so that they lengthen the cable when necessary. For example, if somebody needs an extra 50 feet of cable but only bought 100 ft., all they would need to do is buy a kit with 150 ft. worth of wire inside and attach them together at one end like Siamese twins!

The Line Speed

The line speed is the measure of how quickly your winch can pull in a rope or cable. If this number isn’t high enough then it will take too long to get your Jeep unstuck and because of that, you might be left stranded in an unsafe place for hours.

Motor Type used in the winche

The last factor to consider is the motor’s type that was used in your winch. One of the most common motors is a permanent magnet brushless DC electric motor (PMDC). These are built for speed and power, but sometimes you will need something with more torque or less noise. Depending on what you’re driving through when it gets stuck might dictate which one you get!

Which type of rope is used in the winche

The rope is the material that you use to pull in, so it’s important. The two main types of rope are synthetic and wire ropes which both have different strengths and weaknesses. Synthetic lines are lightweight and don’t conduct electricity well but they’re also not as durable or strong as steel cables. Steel cables can be very heavy (sometimes more than 100 pounds) depending on the size of your winch though they will last longer with less wear-and-tear than synthetics do overall.

Do I need to put a winch at the hood of my Jeep?

A winch on a jeep is best placed at the hood. This way, you can have your engine compartment open for some other work while accessing the winch from in front of your car. The best place to mount it would be right above or below the radiator core support that sits just behind where your crank pulley should be located. Mounting a winch high will help keep most of its weight off of any sensitive components like an air conditioner and also gives better access if you need to use both hands when pulling out yourself or someone else who’s stuck somewhere dangerous with their vehicle.

What winch brands are considered to be the best for Jeeps?

The best brands of winches for jeeps are Warn and Superwinch. Warn is best known for its electric-powered synthetic rope, which doesn’t stretch as a steel cable would under high tension loads. This means that you can use it to tow something in an emergency without worrying about the wire getting too tight while you’re trying to make it back to the trail head.

Superwinch is best known for its powerful and durable electric-powered winches, which come in many different sizes from small 12V models perfect for a car or motorcycle up to huge diesel-driven monsters that can pull up to 100 tons of weight with ease.

5 Best Winches for Jeep



The WARN VR EVO 10 is a great winch for light trucks, jeeps, and SUVs. It features steel cable and has a 10, 000 lb. capacity. The WARN VR EVO 10 has a built-in clutch that protects the gear train from damage if the load becomes stuck or bound up on your vehicle while winching.

The WARN ER EVO 10 is perfect for those with an active lifestyle. It’s water and dust-proof, which ensures that it will never let you down when mother nature decides to throw a tantrum on your day off.

The Warn Er Evo 10 delivers top-notch performance as well! The two in one design of this product makes it easy to use no matter if you’re at home or far away from base camp because there are wired and wireless options available so that anyone can enjoy its convenience without worry about not being able to get back into their place securely after they leave

It is designed to last. This series-wound motor and planetary gear train system allow for faster line speed under load with less amp draw, which makes these winches the perfect choice when you’re working in a tough environment like offroad or on the beach where there’s not much space for your truck or ATV trailer.

  • Series-wound motor
  • Two-in-one remote
  • IP68-rated
  • High-performance Albright contactor
  • Some customers received used winch

2 Smittybilt X2O

2.Smittybilt X2O

Smittybilt has introduced their new Gen2 series of X2O Winches, which come standard with an integrated wireless remote. These are the latest generation in a long line of products that have been thoroughly updated to be heavy-duty and perform at levels never seen before.

Smittybilt is known for producing some tough vehicles including Jeeps, trucks, ATVs, and UTVs but they also produce top-quality vehicle accessories like winches. The company’s newest additions to its product lineup are the Gen 2 Smitbilt X20 Winches; these are not just your average power tool accessory as it comes stock with a built-in wireless remote control so you can use them without having to go back into the truck every time you are stuck at something.

The Smittybilt winch is the largest capacity and most powerful product in their line of reliable, heavy-duty electric vehicle recovery products. A 12,000 pound (5454kg) rated line pull combined with an IP68 waterproof rating makes it a perfect addition to any offroad enthusiast’s garage or truck bedside for those inevitable times when you find yourself stuck on your favorite trailhead.

The Smittybilt Winch is capable of pulling up to 5454 kilograms at a time! The durable construction design ensures that even high loads will not prevent this bad boy from working. The winches can perform even in less than desirable situations like getting stuck while exploring your favorite trails or attempting one last peek before running out of gas.

  • Pull capacity of 12,000 pounds.
  • 6.6 HP motor.
  • Remote Switch.
  • The models from the range are quite heavy.

3 Superwinch 1145220 Terra

3.Superwinch 1145220 Terra

Superwinch motors are tough enough to handle the toughest jobs. Superwincher Terra’s enormous copper windings, sealed bearings end-to-end, and other features make it one of the most powerful motors on Earth.

The gears on Superwinch Terra are stronger and powerful. Superwinch gears are 2x wider and better suited for engaging the winching load for longer engine life. Superwinch, known worldwide as one of the best manufacturers of towbars and accessories, also produces high-quality Winches that can be anywhere.

These drums are designed to be used with synthetic rope. The cast aluminum ones can’t withstand rated line pull and will break if you use them on a steel cord or switch over to synthetic for the sake of durability; Terra winches come standard with these tough drums that won’t disappoint in either situation!

The Terra 45 has everything that any good lifting machine should have. A steel frame with reinforced welds ensures stability under load up to 4500lb. 1.6 HP motors are plenty powerful for most jobs without being too noisy or bulky as heavier-duty models can be. An ergonomic design allows you to do all sorts of tasks in comfort. Thanks to its well-designed grip.

  • 4500lb capacity.
  • 1.6 Hp motor.
  • High-efficiency.
  • The circuit breaker is not the best for mounting.

4 OFF-ROAD BOAR Electric Winch

4.OFF-ROAD BOAR Electric Winch

Get your hands on the best electric winch today. With an OFF-ROAD BOAR, you are getting a high-quality product that is also affordable! This handy tool can be installed in many different locations and it works with most vehicles. Get yours now before they’re gone for good!

The 9500 lbs tension series winding motor is one of the most powerful motors on the market. Of course, this kit also has other features that make it more efficient and robust than many others in its class: such as a compact design that saves you space so your workshop doesn’t become cluttered with machines; precision-ground steel gears to ensure perfect alignment for years without wearing out or slipping; an oversized extension table (which could be used not only for power tools but any toolbox) which makes set up easier and less time-consuming.

The installation is easy, with multiple stations for quick displacement and the ability to work on various difficult grounds. It has a small size so it can be used in any area. The reduction ratio of this machine allows you to complete jobs quickly while saving time and money!

  • low-profile design.
  • 9500Lbs.capacity
  • small size, large reduction ratio.
  • Cables too short to battery.

5 Superwinch 1511201 Tiger Shark

5.Superwinch 1511201 Tiger Shark

The new Tiger Shark is redefining the affordable winch in the market with its cutting-edge features and benefits. The Superwinch 12-foot remote control is a great choice for those looking to add a winch to their RV.

The 6.0 HP motor is weather-sealed and comes with an easy-to-use handheld remote control that can be used up to 100 feet away from the winch. It has a digital display that shows you the current load, battery voltage, and how much line remains on the drum. The high-strength synthetic rope and roller fairlead are both corrosion resistant.

The Superwinch Tiger Shark 12V DC winch is a powerful, reliable, and efficient tool to rely on. It features an ergonomically shaped free-spool control that is easy to use and grip. The synthetic rope and aluminum hawse fairlead is durable and designed for heavy-duty use. This winch features a built-in clutch that prevents overloading the motor while offering smooth operation. Features include a high-performance planetary gear system, automatic brake system, safety hook with eyelet attachment, power indicator light bar, and rubber feet.

  • 12 feet rubber hand-held remote
  • power indicator light bar
  • 6.0 HP motor
  • Packaging needs to be improved


When you need to tow or winch something, it’s important that your Jeep has the right kind of hitch. This is why we created this blog post where we break down all the different types and styles of hitches for Jeeps so you can find a perfect one for your vehicle.

We also have a buying guide on what are the best winche for your jeep that you can buy. If after reading our article, if you still don’t know which type of winche would work best with your needs you can go for Smittybilt X2O.Smittybilt is known for producing some tough vehicles including Jeeps, trucks, ATVs, and UTVs but they also produce top-quality vehicle accessories like winches.

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