Best Year For Jeep Wrangler – Some Facts That You Should Know

For those who do not know, Jeep has earned its reputation for making Wranglers for a long time. Moreover, as the time passes, the Wranglers are going through such improvement.

Furthermore, the users can identify both of the advantages and disadvantages of each model. As a result, I am going to show you some useful information about Jeep Wranglers’ developing process, and then, you can know the best year for this vehicle.

I highly recommend that you should spend a few minutes and read my article about best year for Jeep Wrangler for detailed information.

Best Year For Jeep Wrangler

As you may know, Jeep Wranglers has developed for more than two decades, and until now, more and more people are in love with this brand.

I am quite a big fan of this car due to its trendy as well as outstanding design when compared to the others in the current market.

However, Jeep Wranglers will have some modifications every year, which cannot only meet but also exceed the customers’ expectation for sure.

As a consequence, we are going to identify some distinct features that Jeep Wranglers has changed annually.


This year is considered as the beginning year for the development of Jeep Wranglers. I think that many people still remember the T-case together with the manual transmission choice.

You can choose either four or six cylinders according to your preference. Moreover, the stunning point with 1987 model is that the side mirrors are designed as the half door, and you can open without any keys.

With 1988 model, there is an improvement in the door lock together with the Islander package. You can notice the striped pattern on the sides of this car.

Furthermore, the alternator, as well as the battery of Jeep Wranglers, is significantly updated. Besides, you can have a large fuel capacity of 20 gallons in total.

Next, 1989 model is well-known for the Peugeot transmission, which is the only modification for Jeep Wranglers. All of the remaining features remain the same for this car.


Moving to the next period of the 1990s, you can identify some fundamental difference with the previous years. With the drivetrain, you can see the cylinders have the multi-port injection.

The shape of the car also has much change, from the triangle to square for more convenience.

Also, the speedometer in 1991 is significantly adjusted to the electronic system instead of the cable-driven system as before. Additionally, the heater blower motor is excellent at releasing better heat regarding the power.

However, there is a minus point that the wheeling is hard to turn owing to the change in fiberglass front as well as the fender coverings.

With 1992, you can see the change in the notable roll bar and the square rear. You will be provided the shoulder harness with three distinct points.

Moreover, the 1993 model is the updated version with the third brake light. Then, in 1994 and 1995, there is a modification related to the U-shape rests along with rubber bumpers.


Until 1997, there are some dramatic changes within Jeep Wranglers that you should know. 

Firstly, the power is equipped with the lock-up torque converter, which is perfect for driving off the road. Moreover, you can get the sliders in the heater controls as well as the airbag covers, all of which can protect your life better.

The 1998 and 1999 model seem to have a minor change.

For instance, you will get the one vent opening that can prevent the water from seeping into the interior part. Furthermore, you will be offered the system of the three-twisted knob to control the heater.


Next, we are going to research about the model in the 2000s and see if there are any significant changes.

You need to focus on the addition of the sensor as well as the coil pack rail, which is designed to provide excellent spark firing. 

Furthermore, you can feel free to drive in a certain water depth with this model.


During this period, the design and motor are going through much change to offer the best features for the users. First of all, the manufacturer has lowered the front seat and put more plastic into the windshield frame.

Moreover, the wheelbase is extended, and then, there is such an existence of new O2 sensors as well as the air intake sensor. These factors are regarded as the unique features of this period.


2007 is popular for being the first year that Jeep Wranglers has to cope with some problems about teething. Moreover, the customers complain about the hard-top leaking as well as other issues so that I suggest that you should not buy this model with no doubt.

Nevertheless, when it comes to 2008 and 2009, the situation improves a lot since there are fewer comments about the quality of Jeep Wranglers.

Thus, Jeep Wranglers seem to add more color options for the customers in 2010, which is one of the best ways to catch their attention.

In 2011, everything may be better with Jeep Wranglers since the design is more stable and refined than before.

You can see the improvements for the center stack, seat fabric together with the steering wheel. This year is called as the preparation point for the booming of Jeep Wranglers in the following years.

2012 To The Present

Last but not least, from 2012 until now, there are no significant changes in the power of Jeep Wranglers.

Nevertheless, you can see the speed automatic has a slight change, which is updated to five levels.

This improvement will provide more balance and flexibility for Jeep Wranglers when driving on the freeway as well as off the road.


In summary, I hope that all of the information in this article about best year for Jeep Wrangler will give you more knowledge.

I think that Jeep Wranglers will have more advanced features day by day, and if you want to discuss this matter clearly, you can contact me anytime.

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