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Camping in Style: Fifth Wheel Vs. Travel Trailer

There are quite a few towable campers on the market, but if you are looking for one that is big enough for all of your family trips, you will most likely consider a fifth wheel trailer or a travel trailer.

Both are great options that you can consider for your next RV purchase, but they are different from one another.

Before you decide which type of trailer is right for your RV needs, it is a good idea to compare the two types of towable trailers.

In this guide, we are going to look into each one and discuss the pros and the cons of each.

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The Best Brands Of Travel Trailer For Your Money

Traveling via travel trailer has become quite popular over the years.

It is a much more economical form of travel than staying in a hotel, and when you get to your destination, you can easily unhook your vehicle so that you can travel around the area with ease.

That being said, if traveling in a travel trailer is ideal for you, then it is important to know that there are quite a few brands on the market, and each one may not be the ideal option for your family.

In this guide, we are going to look at some of the best travel trailers that you can purchase as well as explore some of the important features of this type of RV.

What Makes The Travel Trailer Experience Unique?


If you're looking for a recreational vehicle experience that's versatile and keeps the essence of truly camping, then maybe it's time to buy a brand new travel trailer.

Nothing is quite as iconic in the RVing world than a classic Airstream, and the modern travel trailer has this kind of feeling.

Towing a travel trailer doesn't take much; in many cases, you can even tow one of these with an SUV.

Also, learning to tow them properly just takes experience, and if you really want to learn, many RV dealerships even offer classes on towing an RV of this type, which can really help you get ready for the road and the campground.

Also, when it comes to your options overall, travel trailers probably offer the widest breadth of choices when compared to other types of RVs.

For example, you can find travel trailers that are relatively small that have pop-out sections which can serve as bedrooms for you and your travel mates.

On the other hand, it's also very easy to find larger models that can accommodate up to 10 people at a time and have dedicated bedrooms.

It's this versatility that makes these types of trailers a good choice for people that tend to have differing amounts of fellow campers come with them from trip to trip.

What To Look For In A Good Travel Trailer

Before you head into the buying process, there are a few things that you should always make sure to consider.

First and foremost, make sure that you're considering everything that you'll need to budget for; a good travel trailer doesn't need a specialized hitch, but you'll probably need items like brake controls, sway bars, and weight distribution hitches, but outside of that, when you're on the market, try to find a travel trailer that has:

  • A Reliable Brand Name
  • Large Tanks
  • Future-Proofing

Plan on not always being near to a campground or RV park? If that's the case, you'll want RV tanks that are as versatile as you'll need them to be out in the wilderness.

With this in mind, try to have sizeable black and grey tanks so that you can have the option to rough it from time to time.

Many buyers go for what can work for their family today, but it helps to try and find a travel trailer that has expandability so that you can be ready for upgrades in the future as well.

Towing A Travel Trailer


If you have never towed a travel trailer in your life, then there are a few things that you will want to know before your first trip. 

This will help to ensure that you will be able to travel to your location safely without jackknifing or having issues along the way. 

Towing a travel trailer is not difficult, but following these safety tips can help you prepare for your adventures.


Check Your Vehicle's Weight Capacity: This is very important because travel trailers are not all the same size, which means that the weight of each one can vary as well. Simply having a truck with a ball hitch on the back is not enough to tow an RV, especially because some large vehicles have a lower towing capacity than smaller trucks. If your truck is not able to tow your travel trailer, then it may have issues pulling it uphill.


Don't Over Load the Back: Remember, a travel trailer does not have wheels at the back of the trailer, so you need to make sure that the weight in the back does not equal more than 40 percent of the total weight in the trailer. More than this amount will cause the vehicle to fish-tail, which could make you drive off of the road.


Avoid Weighing Down the Trailer: Don't over pack for your vacation. There is going to be plenty of space for your clothes and camping essentials, but excessive things that you will not need can weigh down your trailer. This is especially true if you pack a lot of water, which can weigh up to eight pounds a gallon.


Keep it Slow and Steady: Towing a travel trailer means that you are pulling a lot of weight. Even though you seem to be handling it well, a sudden stop at a fast speed could cause you to lose control. The weight of the trailer is going to make it more difficult to stop, which means that slamming on the brakes will stop the tow vehicle, but the trailer will keep pushing. This can cause the trailer to jackknife, which can be dangerous for you and anyone in the vehicle.

The Travel Trailer Kitchen Experience

One of the best parts of camping in a trailer is that you can use the kitchen in the trailer to prepare and cook the food that you are going to eat.

Some of the larger travel trailers have many of the same amenities that you would find in your kitchen at home. You can find:

  • Stoves / Ovens: These are gas-powered units that are typically separate in an RV. The stoves will have two or three burners, and not all travel trailers have ovens.
  • Microwaves: These require a lot of amperage, so be careful that you are not using it with another energy-draining appliance that could overtax your generator.
  • Refrigerators: Typically, this appliance should function with the electricity at the campsite, but if you are camping without electricity, then the refrigerator can also run on propane.
  • Sinks: These can be a single or a double basin design that pulls water from an outside source. It can also pull water from the freshwater tank if you need. Typically, there is also a cutting board that is shaped like the sink that can be used to cover the basin and provide you with more counter space.

The Travel Trailer Social Areas And Sleeping Spaces

Camping is about spending time outdoors, but when it gets close to the time when you want to call it a night and hit the sack, you may want to spend some time indoors. 

This is also true when you first wake up in the morning or if it rains during your vacation. That being said, there are a few areas inside of a travel trailer where you can socialize. They are:

  • Dining Area
  • Living Room
  • Bedrooms

This area is going to have seating for about four individuals, but it also has a table, which means that it is the perfect location for you and your family to play games. 

You can also sit here to enjoy conversations with each other while you munch on a bowl of cereal in the morning. In many travel trailers, the dinette will fold down into a bed, so if you need the sleeping space, this is ideal, especially if you have smaller children staying with you in the camper.

How Travel Trailers Differentiate From Other Trailer Models

If you're exploring the RV world, one thing that you'll definitely notice is that there's certainly a niche for just about every type of RV that's out there.

Whether you're just out exploring the nearest RV park or just taking your RV out to the middle of the woods for a camping/fishing trip, having the right RV can make things a lot more convenient, so why would you choose a travel trailer over one of the other types of towable RVs?

Let's take a look at how this type of RV stands up against the non-motorhome RV variants.

Versus Teardrop Trailers

Teardrop trailers are excellent for those short trips where you're just bringing another person, and these might just be one of the most romantic ways to RV when you're with a like-minded fellow RVer, but unfortunately, these RVs really aren't the best for a family.

A good travel trailer can accommodate more than eight people in many cases, so there is a bit more versatility for those that want to bring a family.

Additionally, one of my favorite features of a travel trailer is the eating experience; you're going to have a full-fledged kitchenette with one of these. Whereas with a teardrop trailer, you're going to have an external propane cooker that's hard to work with when there's inclement weather.

Finally, there's a bathroom in a travel trailer, and in most cases, you'll also have a shower as well, so you won't have to use the campground bathrooms/showers.

Versus Fifth Wheel Hitches

If you're going to go big, you might as well go with a fifth wheel hitch. 

These monsters have enough room for at least eight people, and they also have a tendency to have some top-rate amenities like expandable living spaces, full-sized bedrooms, and even multiple bathrooms. 

Unfortunately, they can be a bit tough to navigate through a tight campground, and that's where a good travel trailer shines: they are simply very easy to maneuver.

Also, with a large fifth wheel, you'll need a relatively heavy duty truck. With a travel trailer, you'll definitely need a truck, but it won't need quite as much towing power.

Towing is also a major consideration for fifth wheels; you'll need to install a fifth wheel hitch on your truck in order to pull an RV of this type, and usually, installing one of these requires drilling into your truck's bed.

With a travel trailer, the standard tow package can usually manage the RV with little effort.

Finally, there are the budget concerns; a good fifth wheel can cost more than $40,000, and buying a travel trailer won't cost nearly as much, which makes these a great option for people working under a budget.

Versus Toy Haulers


Toy haulers are becoming increasingly popular these days, and they are some of the most versatile options for anyone that wants to bring something like an ATV with them on their trips.

These RVs have special garage areas that can be used to carry anything from one of those off-road vehicles to a smaller car, so you won't feel constrained on a trip.

That being said, these RVs have similar issues to the fifth wheel RVs; they end up being hard to maneuver due to their size and they typically require a much larger truck to tow them.

Don't get me wrong, every one of these alternative towable RVs has its excellent uses, but a good travel trailer is a good middle ground RV that you can use if you have a largish family or if you need relatively easy maneuverability.

An RV like this also has a relatively low price point and just has the internal features that'll make most trips easy as pie.

The Buying Experience For A Travel Trailer

Now that you know about the benefits and features of a good travel trailer, you're probably wondering how to go about getting your hands on one. Fortunately, it's fairly easy and affordable to both purchase and rent a good travel trailer.

When you're purchasing through an RV dealership, you'll find that most businesses will help you find a financing institution that specializes in this type of lending. 

Additionally, before the process begins, you can attempt to get a bank loan for your new travel trailer as well.

In most situations, travel trailers are slightly less easy to finance, but fortunately, since they tend to cost significantly less than other mid-sized RVs, this shouldn't be much of an issue; just remember that you'll also need to make a down payment in just about every financing situation.

The Best Travel Trailer Brand: The Top Five

1. Airstream

Airstream is one of the most iconic brands of travel trailer on the market; their Twinkie-shaped metal bodies provide a unique-looking experience that some folks even use as permanent homes.

The company has a long history that began in the 1930s, and they continue to produce excellent travel trailers today.

In fact, it's amazing how durable and long-lasting the Airstream travel trailer is; it's easy to find models still in use that have been on the road for 40+ years. According to Airstream themselves, it's estimated that 60 to 70 percent of all of the models that the company has produced are still on the road.

Usually, many of these are crafted of strong aluminum, which is not only lightweight but able to withstand the damage that can happen as a result of inclement weather and moist conditions.

What Can You Expect In The Interior?

While the configurations of a good Airstream travel trailer can vary significantly due to the fact that they have models that can accommodate anywhere from two to 10 people, it's fairly standard for the company to always use a fairly premium setup in the RV's interior.

For example, the floors are made of a combo of wood, foil insulation, and steel. Atop of all of this, there's an anti-wicking coat that keeps the underlying materials protected for years of use.

The body is also well-insulated so that you'll stay nice and warm in the winter and fairly cool in the summers. Insofar as interior features, just about every model has a kitchenette or a full-sized kitchen, dining areas that may convert into bedding, and a section for at least two people to sleep.

Some larger models even have extra beds, but finding a model with pop-out bedding is fairly uncommon.


  • Airstream travel trailers are typically designed with a low center of gravity, which makes it easier to switch lanes while driving.
  • These models have an aerodynamic design that is very fuel efficient.
  • All of the cabinets inside of an Airstream trailer are made from real wood, nothing synthetic.
  • The aluminum exterior of one of these trailers is very durable.
  • Since many of these models have two axels, weight distribution is never an issue.


  • Older airstream travel trailers tend to have a narrower interior than those manufactured after the year 1995.
  • An Airstream travel trailer tends to cost more than other brands.
  • These travel trailers are insulated, which means that it may be harder to keep the camper cool in high temperatures.
  • The reflective surfaces of the aluminum exterior can be hot to the touch.

Standout Model In My Opinion: Fly Cloud 30FB Bunk

The Airstream model that I like the most is the Flying Cloud 30FB Bunk. It is a 30-foot unit that has a base weight of 6,557 pounds.

One of the main reasons that this model stands out to me is the fact that it has enough space to sleep eight. Of course, I would not typically need this amount of space, but the sleeping accommodations of this trailer are ideal for a family.

There is a queen bed in the front end of the camper that can sleep two. The rear of the unit has a bunk bed, which gives children their own sleeping space as well without the need to convert a shared space into a sleeping space.

The lower bed is actually a little larger than the upper, which makes it ideal for smaller children to share.

The dinette and the couch also fold down into a bed, which can sleep up to four more individuals. In addition, this trailer has a spacious bathroom, a large kitchen to prepare your food, and three LED televisions that can be used for entertainment.

2. Forest River

Unlike Airstream, which tends to only have a selection of travel trailers and a few campervans, Forest River has RVs that run the gamut from travel trailers and fifth wheels to Class A luxury-style motorhomes and toy haulers.

The company has been manufacturing a robust line of recreational vehicles since 1996.

While they aren't quite as iconic and well-known as Airstream, they definitely have created a name for themselves that is associated with a high level of workmanship.

One of the best features of Forest River is the company's commitment to creating new options for RVers; models like the R-Pod actually incorporate features that are more common in fifth wheel hitches and Class A motorhomes like mechanically expandable living spaces.

As a result, Forest River travel trailers will always be the talk of the campground due to their unique designs and aesthetics.

The company is also known for their habit of providing strong weather-resistance; the seams are all sealed tightly and the body on each of their travel trailer models is nice and strong.

What Can You Expect In The Interior?

Fortunately, Forest River is a brand that you can depend on when it comes to not skimping and providing premium and functional RV components.

Additionally, with models like the Micro-Lite, you'll find that you'll have more than a few floor plans to select from, which means that Forest River is dedicated to ensuring that their customers have options for the type of RVing experience they'll have.

Don't have kids? Some models of Forest River are designed to just provide a single bedding situation, but those same models can be equipped at the dealership with extra beds so that kids or friends can stay over during your trip.

Additionally, little features like LED recessed ceiling lighting are very convenient for just about any RVer, which is why this is one of the industry leaders.


  • The floor plans that are available for this brand are quite spacious.
  • Forest River has quite a few travel trailers available that vary in size and shape.
  • There is plenty of storage available throughout these RVs.
  • There are more than a few high tech options available on these travel trailers that can enhance your RVing experience.
  • Most models are constructed on aluminum frames, which makes the RV both durable and lightweight.


  • The shower in many of these travel trailers tend to be low, which may be uncomfortable for individuals over six feet tall.
  • The auto leveling system that Forest River provides is not the best when it comes to travel trailers.
  • The axels on these trailers are positioned in the same location, which means you will have to be aware of the weight in the back of the unit.

Standout Model In My Opinion: Alpha Wolf 27RK-L

If I were to purchase a Forest River travel trailer, the model that I would select is the Alpha Wolf 27RK-L.

This model stands out the most because it offers a sleeping space that is separated from the rest of the RV, so if you want your privacy, you have that option.

The bathroom in this RV is quite spacious, which means that you will be able to take a shower without feeling cramped.

There is a dining area, a couch, and reclining chairs that can be enjoyed in the main area of the trailer where you can sit and enjoy watching some television or simply enjoy some nice conversation by the fireplace.

In this area, all of the seating is leather, which creates a more luxurious look. In addition, the couch and the dinette are designed to slide out, which provides a lot more floor space in the unit.

3. Gulf Stream

Founded by the Shea family back in 1971, Gulf Stream has become one of the most well-known RV manufacturers in its 45+ years of business.

As a family-run business, RVers have trusted the company to provide a reliable form of leisure transportation and logging for generations now, and Gulf Stream prides itself on innovating so that you can rely on newer models having everything you need for modern RVing.

Currently, the company, as a manufacturer, is responsible for 22 sub-brands, and as a result, 140 different models of RV fall under their corporate umbrella.

With models like the Trailmaster, the Innsbruck, and the Kingsport, it's obvious that the company produces some top rated travel trailers.

Additionally, if you're looking for a product specifically from the company, you'll be pleased to know that most dealers sell them, and their site even has a dealer locator to make the process easier.

Overall, this is definitely a brand to consider because of the fact that it has so many RV travel trailer variations to choose from – this way, it's very easy to find the floor plan for you and your family.

What Can You Expect In The Interior?

As I've already mentioned, one of the coolest features of this brand is its sheer amount of variation; in the Innsbruck line alone, there are 81 different floor plans to consider.

Effectively, this means that a purchaser can more easily find a product that matches their specific family needs.

When selecting one of these models, you can expect the average travel trailer in their numerous brand lines to accommodate up to eight people or so.

Additionally, you'll have a choice of options like a U-shaped dinette, an outdoor kitchen, and plenty of sleeping arrangements.

When it comes to comfort and design features, many models have ducted BTU roof air conditioners, maple cabinetry, and high-performance wood grain vinyl flooring, which provides a lot of value for the money.

In fact, carousel microwave ovens are relatively standard on Gulf Stream products, and it's also not uncommon for the refrigerators in these trailers to have double-door designs.


  • These travel trailers are designed with quite a bit of storage space, which makes them ideal for long-term living as well as long camping trips.
  • This company produces over 140 different models, so you will have options when it comes to the layout you choose.
  • The trailers are made with weight-saving materials to make them easier to tow.
  • These trailers are well insulated to make them a viable option for camping during any season.
  • The interior design of the Gulf Stream trailers is very tasteful.


  • Since the company has so many similar looking models, finding the travel trailer you want can be difficult.
  • Some of the floor plans do not offer a lot of extra sleeping space.
  • Towing these travel trailers will reduce your gas mileage by quite a bit.

Standout Model In My Opinion: Trailmaster 406FLR

The Gulf Stream travel trailer that I would choose as a stand out model is the Trailmaster 406FLR. It has a luxury interior design that will add comfort to your camping trip.

The kitchen has a spacious design that includes a built-in microwave and an oven, which are not found in all travel trailers. The cabinets are a beautiful maple wood, so they last for quite a long time.

There is extensive storage space in the trailer, and the main bedroom is designed with doors so that whoever sleeps in this room will have privacy during the trip.

The living space is designed with two couches as well as two reclining chairs, and there is even a fireplace in the model that you can enjoy, especially if you have a rainy vacation.​

This specific model has three pullout sections. The first is where the king-size bed is located, which gives you more space to walk around in the bedroom. The other two are located where the furniture is, which provides a more spacious living area for the family to enjoy.​

4. Eclipse Recreational Vehicles

While Eclipse isn't the oldest company in this guide – having been founded in 2003, it is still a very popular brand among RVers. 

In fact, the company now has more than 50 types of trailers, many of which are travel trailer models that are known for having high-quality constructions and premium materials.

The company is based in Riverside, California, and overall, the company has gained a reputation in recent years due to their excellent lines of SURV toy haulers.

There are dealers throughout the country that sell Eclipse Recreational Vehicle models, and the company even has two sub-brands: Stellar and Iconic, which have an extensive amount of fans throughout the RVing world.

Eclipse's line of RVs is also fairly durable; the side walls are laminated fiberglass, which is very weatherproof, and the company seems to really love adding chrome rims to their RVs.

Additionally, the decals that are featured throughout the design of each of their travel trailers really add a sense of style to the vehicles.

What Can You Expect In The Interior?

When it comes to interior features, many of Eclipse's models are very customizable. 

For example, with the Milan line of travel trailers, you'll have the option to upgrade the vehicle's tank capacity to a full 100 gallons, which can really accommodate RVers that boon-dock from time to time.

Many models even have battery-disconnect switches, which is advantageous for RVers because the appliances inside the cabin won't have access to 12-volt battery power when not plugged into shore power. This means that you'll have a quicker battery charge and a longer life for your batteries.

With models like the aforementioned Milan, it's clear that Eclipse also has a tendency to put out "glamping" or glamour camping models that have more than a few luxurious amenities.

The company uses luxury materials like walnut, brushed aluminum hardware, and top-notch galleys with a plethora of high-tech appliances.

Overall, I'd say that this company puts out great travel trailer alternatives to classically luxurious Class A motorhomes.


  • Many of the kitchenettes in Eclipse models have a design that can include nice features like backsplash above the sinks.
  • If you're looking for luxury, this is definitely a brand that has some nice internal features.
  • The seating in the cabin has a tendency to be optimally placed so that everyone in the RV will have a clear view of the TV.
  • For some of the travel trailers in the Eclipse line, there's a U-shaped dinette that's great for larger groups of diners.
  • The company uses integrated fabric headboards in the master bedrooms.


  • Eclipse has become somewhat synonymous with toy haulers, so if you're looking for one of their travel trailers, they can be hard to find.
  • When you're navigating through the dirt roads that lead to and from campgrounds, chrome wheels start to look dirty, fast.
  • For some models, the shore power cord and city-water hookups are positioned towards the back of the travel trailer, which is somewhat different from other travel trailer models.
  • The mounting brackets that the company uses can sometimes make controlling the televisions that come pre-installed difficult without a remote.

Standout Model In My Opinion: Eclipse Milan T27RLSG

The Eclipse Milan is one of the more luxurious travel trailers that Eclipse has to offer, which is why it is a great option for you to consider investing in.

I love the walnut cabinets and the vinyl flooring that can be found inside of the trailer. This is higher quality than most that you can find on the market, and it looks absolutely stunning.

The dining area features a U-shaped dinette that provides you with quite a bit of space, and there is also a couch and two reclining chairs for your comfort. The kitchen has high-end features like a dual basin sink and a microwave.​

The bathroom is positioned between the hall and the bedroom, and it can easily be accessed by both locations; just remember to lock both doors when you are using it.​

In addition, there is an accordion door that is designed to close off the bedroom at night for a more private camping experience. There is also a double door design, which makes it easier to reach the bathroom in an emergency.​

5. Oliver Travel Trailer

Also known as Ollie travel trailers, Oliver's line of travel trailers are known for being products that are constructed strongly so that they last for years.

This company, since it specializes in this precise type of RV, is known for its versatility and options; they have travel trailers that will accommodate small or large groups of campers, and while Ollie doesn't have the aluminum look, they do have a few lines of travel trailers that look a lot like Airstream's famous models.

Despite the physical similarities, Ollie's lines of travel trailers definitely have their own standout features. The company began its history as the project of twin brothers back in 2008, and despite having to close for six years, now is steadily growing again.

The company specializes in fiberglass travel trailers that use E-rated 10-ply truck tires, which are made of a tougher material than many of the trailer tires that are used by other manufacturers.

Each product is built to last because Ollie has opted to never use wood or carper, which can attract mildew or mold over the years.

In addition to this, each also has a tough-but-light aluminum frame that also provides some industry-leading lastingness.

What Can You Expect In The Interior?

When it comes to the interior trailer experience, Ollie is a great option for a manufacturer because the company will actually customize the experience to your desires.

Even if you have unconventional needs, the company will accommodate you and produce the best trailer for you and your family.

As mentioned, the company has a stance against using carpet, and as a result, their trailers are often free of excess dirt and are also known to be fairly friendly to allergy sufferers because allergens have no place to get stuck.

Their trailers also use a material called PRODEX, which is reflective and made of a closed-cell polyethylene foam that provides excellent conductive insulation that also helps the cabin remain fairly cool in the summer.


  • All of the travel trailers manufactured by Oliver are designed with an insulated shell and thermal pane windows, which makes camping year throughout the four seasons a possibility.
  • The leveling system that is designed into the trailer makes setting up at a campsite very simple.
  • The aerodynamic shape is great for fuel economy.
  • The plumbing and the water holding tanks are insulated so that they do not freeze in the cold weather.
  • There are quite a bit of add-on options available that you can add to any Oliver trailer to personalize it a bit.


  • Most of the travel trailers designed by Oliver are a bit smaller in size, so they may not accommodate large families easily.
  • This company does not have an extensive line of travel trailers available because it was closed for a period of time due to the low market demand.
  • The fiberglass exterior may look tacky to some because it is quite plain when compared to other RVs on the market.

Standout Model In My Opinion: Legacy Elite II

The Oliver RV that jumps out at me as a good travel trailer to purchase is the Legacy Elite II. It is 23 feet in length, but one of the features that I really like is that there are actually two dining areas in this travel trailer.

The first one is located in the rear of the camper, and it is designed for five people to sit down comfortably.

This dining space also folds down into a bed, but since there is another dining area, if you are traveling as a couple, you can keep this space as the bed and use the other table to eat.

There is a spacious kitchen that you can use to prepare your food that comes with a large pantry and a microwave. The bathroom is located at the front of the camper, but it is a bit small, especially if you plan to shower and change in this space.​

Final Thoughts

Modern day travel trailers certainly have a lot to offer an RV or camping enthusiast, and the brands that I've selected all offer some excellent models of RV that will allow you to have a very homelike experience as you explore.

In many situations, each of these brands has models that can easily be financed through a dealership and local banks, and many of their products are also robust enough that you can easily find well-maintained second-hand models that will work for you for years.

I love to RV just about anywhere, and while I've driven and owned several different types over the years, a good travel trailer is often the kind that I recommend to people around me.

They simply provide a very versatile experience that is very rewarding for newbies and dyed-in-the-wool RVers alike.​

There's no reason to purchase a product and later realize that it's the worst brand for your needs, so take a look at some of the RV brands that I've covered in this guide, take a look at the travel trailer buyers' guide section, and you'll have all the tools that you need to find the product that best fits your RVing needs.​

If you like this post, please share, comment or visit my blog to find more excited articles. 

Cheers and have a nice day!

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Imagine that you have just purchased a new truck and you want to find a camper that your vehicle can easily tow before camping season starts again. Unfortunately, you have not been able to find the camper that you want without exceeding your vehicle's towing capacity.

There are several that are just outside of the range, but that would mean that you would need to learn how to increase towing capacity of your truck.

This may seem like an impossibility, but if you are only looking to tow a few pounds over the recommended capacity, there may be a way to get your truck up to par.

I understand that finding the right camper can be frustrating, so let's see if we can make the camper that you want work for your truck's towing capacity.

What You'll Need to Upgrade:

  • The Performance of the Vehicle
  • The Braking System
  • The Hitch
  • The Suspension
  • The Axles
  • The Power Programmer
  • The Radiator

#1 Modify Your Truck For Performance

Sometimes, you can make small upgrades to your vehicle that can increase the horsepower and the torque, which will inadvertently improve the performance of your truck when you are towing a camper behind you. This means that you will have an easier time traveling through mountainous regions on the way to your campsite.

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Many of the exhaust systems that come with your vehicles focus on maximizing space, so the horsepower is actually much lower than it could potentially be with an exhaust that is designed to maximize horsepower.

When a new exhaust is combined with new fresh air filters, you will notice a world of difference when it comes to towing capacity. In fact, with the additional air reaching the engine, you should see an improvement in your vehicle's horsepower of about 10 percent.

If you have an older vehicle that you use for towing, then there are other options that you can consider as well. For example, a motorhome is designed to haul a lot of weight, so it only makes sense that the parts in these vehicles would be designed for a larger towing capacity.

If you can find parts that are in good condition, you can swap them out of the RV and into your vehicle to give it more power.

#2 Optimize Your Braking Power

Towing a camper behind your vehicle means that your braking system is going to need to be able to stop with the added weight, especially if you are trying to tow more than the recommended towing capacity for your vehicle.

That being said, you typically will not need to replace the entire braking system. You should simply consider the rotors and the brake pads to ensure that they are optimized for towing.

If you do not have a trailer brake controller, then adding one to your vehicle will make it easy to make adjustments to the braking system as you drive.

There are even feature on a trailer brake controller that kick in for your safety if there is an issue with the hitch when you are driving, which makes it a very valuable item to have, especially if you are towing more than the recommended capacity.

#3 Hitch For Heavy Loads

Some vehicles already have a hitch when you purchase them, but if you are attempting to improve your towing capacity, then you are going to want to install a hitch that is able to tow more.

Simply upgrading from a class three to a class four hitch is going to nearly double the towing capacity, and making it a lot safer to transport loads that are over the towing capacity that is recommended by your vehicle's manufacturer.

In addition, if you have a larger truck, you can consider a fifth wheel hitch instead of a standard ball hitch. In most cases, you can even get an attachment so that you can use a gooseneck hitch if you need.

#4 Proper Suspension Is Critical

If your towing vehicle does not have the optimal suspension, then it can cause your vehicle to travel lower to the ground. Not only can this be an unsafe towing practice, if your hitch is not suspended properly, it can drag or even unhitch completely.

In fact, if you find that your hitch is dragging even just the support chains can cause a spark to form while you are driving that can be extremely dangerous.

In addition, having a bad suspension in your towing vehicle will put more weight on the back of the vehicle where the camper is connected. This can cause the front end to ride up a little bit, which can make braking and steering far less predictable.

If you do not wish to replace the entire suspension system, the springs are usually sufficient. Many RVer like to add air suspension to their towing vehicle to help maintain control.

#5 Update Your Axles

When you tow a camper or a travel trailer behind you, the majority of the weight that your vehicle is hefting is going to be on the axles of the vehicle.

This means that you need to have strong axles in order to safely get to your destination because a broken axle can be very dangerous, especially if you are towing something at the time.

That being said, most trucks come with an axle that can bear about ¾ of a ton, but if you are attempting to haul more than the recommended towing capacity, then you will want to think about getting axles on your vehicle that are a bit more heavy duty. I'd go with axles that are designed to accommodate a full ton.

#6 Find A Programmer To Unlock Your Vehicle's Power

As I have already explained, many vehicles do not have the components to run at their maximum potential directly from the manufacturer, which is why you may want to consider purchasing a programmer to add to your vehicle when you want to improve the towing capacity.

Adjusting the engine control unit in your vehicle allows more air into the engine, which increases the power and the torque of your vehicle. This means that you won't lose power as you are towing, even when you are traveling through a mountainous region.

In fact, you can even use a programmer to help control when an automatic transmission shifts so that you can have more control over the engine.

#7 Upgrade Your Radiator

Upgrading your radiator does not directly increase the towing capacity of your vehicle, but it does help make it possible to tow more because you are able to cool off the engine with ease when you have a larger radiator.

Towing a camper puts a lot of stress on your vehicle, which makes the engine run hot. If you can make your vehicle run at a cooler temp, you will be able to tow a camper with a higher weight capacity camper without the engine struggling.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are quite a few ways that you can increase the towing capacity of your vehicle, but make sure that you don't attempt to tow something that is too large for your vehicle.

Doing so could be very dangerous, so if you are unsure if your truck can tow the camper that you'd like to purchase, talk to a professional to get their opinion.

You may not have to follow all of the steps above to increase your towing capacity, but if one of the components on your vehicle is not up to par with the rest, you may need to upgrade it to ensure that you arrive at your destination safely.

What do you think of my list? Is there anything that you do to increase towing capacity in your vehicle that I missed in this guide? I love camping, so I created this guide to makes sure that others who are just getting into camping with an RV have an idea of what to do if they need a slightly larger towing capacity.

Help me get this information out by sharing it on your social media feed. I'm sure that RV enthusiasts will be glad that you did.


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