Most Common Driving Mistakes Most Racers Do

Most Common Driving Mistakes Most Racers Do

Racing is a very fast-paced sport wherein you have to react and decide on your moves fast if you want to win.

In the process, a lot of mistakes can be made due to the fast-paced nature of racing. These driving mistakes could cause racers the entire race if they don’t avoid them.

So, if you are a driver, then you have to be aware of some of the most common driving mistakes that most racers do so you can put more effort into avoiding them.

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Most Common Driving Mistakes Most Racers Do

Going Too Fast At The Start

This is by far the most common driving mistake that a lot of racers (especially the new ones) make. This kind of mistake usually stems out from either nervousness or overeagerness.

Due to some form of pressure, the racer may tend to want to go fast at the beginning so that he can keep his lead. This is a strategy that hardly ever works and probably never will.

It isn’t surprising that there are some cars that are at the last place during the middle of the race and then end up at first place when the race is about to finish! This is because most car racers would want to save up their power so that they can zoom past the other cars.

Just like runners running a marathon, racers would also go slow first so that they have enough power to make a good finish. This is a lot of top professional car racers would advise beginners to just drive at medium speed during the first laps then suddenly blast their engines during the last ones.

Don’t be too anxious to get the lead because a lead can easily be taken at the end of the round.

Braking Too Soon When You Reach A Sharp Turn

You see a sharp turn, what do you do? The instant reaction of most drivers would be to slow down first, make the turn, then speed up again.

Although this is a very safe way to drive, it won’t help you win a race.

When a car slows down, it’s going to take time to accelerate again. The car won’t maintain its consistent speed once it has slowed this. This is why it’s very important that you learn to brake at the right time.

Don’t brake as you are approaching the curve—brake when you’re already at the curve!

Just as you are about to make the turn, brake a little bit then let go right away. By doing this, you won’t lose too much speed during the sharp turns and you also won’t control the car.

Sometimes, racers break right before the turn because of fear. A lot of newbie racers, in particular, are very much afraid of losing control of the car if they don’t brake at the turns.

With enough practice, you will get the timing on clockwork and you will develop the skills that will allow you to still stay fast in any situation.

Putting Too Much Emphasis On The Car In Front

Most drivers put too much emphasis or focus on the car that’s in front of them because they want to overtake that car.

Although overtaking all the cars in front of you is the main goal of the race, it won’t help if you focus too much on the guys upfront.

Not only will you put yourself in a situation where you may meet an accident, but you will also be blinded to the point that you won’t really pay attention to your other surroundings (like cars beside you).

This kind of mistake usually stems from overeagerness to win. The tip here is to just concentrate on finishing the race and not to overtake the cars.

If you are relaxed and not too eager, then you will naturally pass the other racers.

Not Looking Ahead

This mistake is kind of related to the previously mentioned one (putting too much emphasis on the car in front).

Remember in driving school, the instructors always told their students to look ahead while driving? Well, the same principle applies to car racing as well.

Why is this principle so important? It is because it gives you an idea of what you should anticipate the more you cover the distance.

If you focus too much on the car in front, then you won’t really know what is ahead of you. When you pass the car in front of you, you won’t be prepared.

So, if you are a race car driver, always look back at this past lesson and apply it.

Getting Stuck Behind A Slow Driver

This is probably one of the most frustrating things that a race car driver can experience.

Driving slow to block the car at the back is one of the oldest tricks in the book and is also one of the most effective. If the driver in front of you is going really slow you’ll be forced to lose your momentum and slow down so you won’t hit him.

If you do this, the car’s power will be maxed out a bit and you’ll have a hard time building up your speed again.

What’s the best solution for this kind of problem? Anticipate what kind of driver is in front of you. This is where your foresight will come in handy.

If you spot a slow driver way ahead of you, then prepare to overtake him already. Don’t be forced to slow down just because he is blocking you.

Try to overtake him so that he won’t be able to box you in a tight spot.

Not Relaxing The Night Before

Because of some sort of anxiety, a lot of newbie racers don’t relax the night before. They either try to distract themselves by doing some other type of activity or practicing the whole day.

Although it is good to constantly practice, I won’t recommend that you train the night before!

This will make you even more anxious and will make you tired. If your body is already too weak from training, then you won’t perform at your optimum during the race.

My advice to racers is to relax the night before. In fact, start relaxing during the afternoon already. Go watch some TV or go on a picnic with your family. Most importantly, get a good night’s sleep.

Just make sure that your body is in tip-top condition to perform on the day of the race.


These are some of the most common mistakes that a lot of drivers, whether novice or intermediate level, would commit. If you want to avoid doing these mistakes, you have to know about them first so you can put extra effort into being aware as to whether you commit these or not.

If you do, then you know you have to stop doing them so you can perform better on the track. Always remember that you are in a sport where you are directly competing with other people on a fast-paced battlefield.

If you slip up just a little bit, a competitor might take advantage of your little mishap. Make sure you try to avoid all those mistakes at all costs.

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