How to Increase Towing Capacity 2021

How To Increase Towing Capacity 7 Tips You Need To Know

There are many considerate points you need to focus on when planning to buy a towable RV. To mention a few, consider the amenities weight, decoration, floor plan, and check if the cargo weight is there or not.

Consideration of the above-mentioned points is necessary because they all together contribute to the towing capacity of your RV. The more the weight the more chances of misalignment are there.

We thought to bring up some tested and tried ideas that will tell you how to increase towing capacity and improve the towing performance of your motorhome.

Before starting, we need to elaborate few terms so that you can get better insight into how to increase the towing capacity. Let’s begin:

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How to Increase Towing Capacity

To increase the towing capacity of your RV means that you need to re-engineer nearly all the parts of your vehicle. Every vehicle has specific, wheel axle alignment, brakes mechanism, and suspension depending upon their GVWR ratings.

Some vehicles are not designed to tow, while others can if we increase their hauling capacity. But this hauling capacity has a limit to extending till 1000 pounds at maximum. We can make the following changes to increase the Towing capacity:

1.Upgrade The Radiator Size:

When you haul heavy weights using your vehicle, it makes an engine heat up faster. Hence, you need to upgrade your radiator size that will effectively diffuse the heat produce when you will haul heavyweights and will keep the engine cool.

Moreover, it is important to use high-quality lubricants for your engine, and upgrading the engine fluids periodically will also help you to avoid engine overheat.

2.Using Programmer:

In the era of today’s automatic vehicles, nearly every automotive is backed with an ECU known as Electric Control Unit. This unit is responsible to maintain nearly all the inside functions including, gear shifting, torques, and speed (to mention a few).

If you want to increase the towing capacity, you can make certain changes in ECU inclined to increase the horsepower, torque, shifts in gears, and your air to fuel ratio. But be cautious, these all settings will decrease your fuel efficiency too.

3.Upgrade the Axles:

If you will tow a weight more than your GVWR capacity, then your vehicle axles are in miserable condition. You essentially need to change the existing axles with some new pair that is capable to perform heavy-duty. And don’t forget to change the differential matching your new axles too.

4.Replace the Suspension:

When towing a heavyweight on your vehicle, there is a completely uneven distribution of weight across the vehicle. Most of the weight hung at the backside of the vehicle in turn suspensions get affected badly.

Here you need to upgrade the suspension springs or go to upgrade air bladders, that will absorb the pressure and allow you to move smoothly on that bumpy road while towing heavyweights.

5.Hitch Selection:

Selecting the best hitch type will help you a lot in increasing the towing capacity. It is better to go for hitches with weight distribution systems. These hitch systems are designed to distribute the weight across the frame of the vehicle and help suspension to drag heavy weights without getting misaligned.

6.Upgrade The Brake System:

Although, towing weights have nothing to do with brakes directly, indirectly it will help to absorb that added strain and friction produced by heavyweights. In case, you need to put an emergency brake, it can make your trailer roll around. To avoid this situation better to replace brake pads with high-quality ones, this will improve the overall braking system efficiency.

7.Upgrade the Exhausts:

Upgrading your vehicle’s exhausts will increase its horsepower and torque number. This allows the engine to work smoothly and in turn, the towing capacity will be enhanced by few more pounds.

8.Twitching the Chassis and Frame:

The chassis and framework of the vehicle form the whole framework of your vehicle. Better to go to the professional mechanic and decide which parts need to be upgraded in case you want to decide how to increase the towing capacity.

9.Other Options:

  • Other methods to increase the towing capacity of your RV include the following:
  • Check the attached accessories of your motorhome and carry only the essential ones.
  • Don’t go with your Water tanks full, it immensely increases the weight of your RV.
  • Install the best-suited trailer, it will add up in perfect alignment when towing.
  • Check the appliances inside and evacuate a few if you can.
  • If you have a large number of family members, better to go on a bigger RV for better weight distribution.
    Adopt minimalism.
  • If possible avoid taking camping furniture along, as it adds a lot of weight.
  • Check the weight of your generator essentially.
  • Replace heavier objects with lighter ones as much as possible for you.


Thus learning how to increase towing capacity needs to understand few terms related to your vehicle weight distribution. It is imperative to get an insight into your vehicle’s horsepower, its GVWR rating, and how it distributes the weight.

This understanding will allow you to decide what changes you need to make like, upgrading the suspension, brake system, or radiators to mention a few.

You can read the detailed description stated above or else take a professional mechanic opinion to decide on. On the downside, reengineering your vehicle will increase its towing capacity but at the cost of fuel efficiency.





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