How to Unclog RV Toilet 2021

How To Unclog RV Toilet

Every RVier has his own adventurous story to tell including both goods and bad. But what’s worst than having your RV toilet blocked on the go, a disastrous nightmare tough!

But it happens and is a part of many Rvier stories, yet most hesitate to talk about it. Being a Rvier needs you to master many household skills, and how to unclog RV toilets is one of the crucial ones. Your blocked RV toilet can lead to some serious damages, like water leakage and clogged pipes to mention a few.

If human waste is not properly flushed or if your toilet paper is stuck, it will get dry and in turn, your whole washroom drain is blocked and you will end up in a miserable situation. But, don’t worry, we have summed up a complete step-by-step guide on how to how to unclog RV toilet.

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How to Unclog RV Toilet

Few methods are proven helpful to unclog your RV toilet. Let’s have a look at them all one by one:

Using a Tank Wand:

You can unclog your toilet RV toilet by using a flexible toilet tank wand also known as a snake machine. It is extensively available around and goes deep in the pipes for more in-depth cleansing.

The wand has a nozzle at one end, this nozzle is quite powerful, and it gets attached to the faucet via a hose. You just need to pass the wand in the toilet bowl down to the pipe, where the pressurized spray coming out of the apparatus will unclog the drain.

Using Boiled Water:

Another method to unclog your RV toilet is by using boiled water. You need to pour the boiled warm water into the toilet bowl. It will loosen up all the dry and hard stuff inside that is causing a clog.

This method generally needs repetition. So, don’t give up if you fail to unclog the toilet on the first try. Try the method at least thrice and then flush it off, hopefully, it will produce the desired results.

Using Plungers:

You must have a plunger in your RV tool section. But trust me, it will just waste your time if you are unable to produce an airtight fit at the nozzle. The shape of the toilet bowl also matters here.

But so far, it is one of the least effective methods proposed by RV users, but still, you must keep one in your RV because it often works well too.

Using Holding Tank Cleaner:

Many black chemicals named Holding tank cleaners are available in the market. They work in a way that when you pour it in the tank or a toilet boil, it breakdowns the waste inside to unclog the system.

But this method takes a little longer to do the magic and often fails to prove itself as effective as compared to snake machine or boiling water method.

Using Chemical Un-clogs:

Many safe chemical toilets unclog are available on the shelves. You can select any one of them you want, but make sure to use them properly.

The true way to use these chemicals is to fill the bowl half with water and then pour the chemical, keep the solution there for some time ( check the instructions given on the label).

Don’t forget to flush in the end with lots of water. Remember that in the end, you have to pour the water with speed and pressure. It will unclog your RV toilet within no time.

Using Ice Cubes:

This method sounds funny but this DIY method to unclog your RV toilet is suggested by many pro RVier. Here you need to fill one-third of your sink with water and then keep on adding ice as the sink comes to half now pour more water so that the bowl becomes full. Flush the ice now! Keep on flushing, the ice block will take off the clog via pressure. Many RV lovers state it as a quick fix.

How To Prevent Your RV Toilet Clogs:

By taking few precautionary measures you can prevent your RV toilet to get a block in the future. Check the point’s states below:

Precautions about Toilet Papers:

When buying stuff for your RV always purchase toilet paper that is meant for RV, else it is better to always throw it in the trash bin. RV-based toilet papers are specifically designed for RV, as these papers get dissolved very quickly and won’t clog the toilet.

Be Careful About Feminine Products:

As mentioned above, all the same precautions go for feminine products too. Better to use the trash bin to keep yourself safe from any trouble.

Precautions about Black Tank:

It is recommended to keep your black tank closed until or unless it is ready to dump off. Yes! There is no need to keep it open, it is the most common mistake that most RV users make.

If you will keep the tank open, it will make an air passage and the waste inside will get dry and hard, which clogs the whole system. It is better to keep the tank close until it is full and ready to damp off. The more watery it would be the more easily it gets rids of the waste.

Moreover, when you are finished with damping, always wash your tank top keep it fresh. Every tank has a built-in flush, you just need to connect the inlet and flush it.

Furthermore, when you are done with your journey never leave your tank full, get your tank empty and flushed well enough so that there is nothing left to get dried inside.

Using Professional RV Tank Treatment Periodically:

As a maintenance practice, get your RV black tank cleaned and treated by a professional often. It will remove any dry object left behind. Furthermore, if there are any debris buildups it will clean them too. And the most important of all it will prevent your tank from producing any kind of smell inside.


RV toilets issues can damage your whole RV as the system is linked to water. But if you take few precautions like using trash bins, defined toilet papers, and follow the periodic maintenance of your toilet tank, you can avoid the troubles.

But still, if you are caught in how to unclog RV toilets, try the methods explained in the article above. Hopefully, they will prove helpful to you.

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