Jeep Wrangler Starting Problems

Jeep Wrangler Starting Problems

And here is your Jeep Wrangler’s cranking loudly, which was working perfectly, yet a stroke of hard luck! But what could be the possible cause of your jeep wrangler starting problems? Typically the following three problems are found when the Jeep Wrangler Engine won’t start.

It could be your dead battery, starter issue, or a problem with an alternator. Considering the issues, what could be done to get your jeep ready to hit the road again? Use your Observation at first!

Pay attention to the cranking sounds and identify if the issue lies in the battery or the starter( this will be discussed later in this article), watch out for the cables lying in and underneath the bonnet, if still, it’s all not worth it then ask for a jump lead help else arrange a towing service.

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What Are the Most Common Jeep Wrangler Starting Problems?

1.Checking the Battery

The drained battery is the foremost cause of jeep wrangler starting problems. It might happen because of the cold temperature (cold temperature decreases the storage capacity of the battery) or you forget to turn off the light inside the wrangler.

But how could one identify that the problem lies in the battery but not in the starter? To diagnose listen carefully, when you start the wrangler and no sound comes out or the sound produced is very low, then your battery is surely causing the problem.

Moreover, the engine won’t start because the ignition current is not sufficient and none of your dashboard lights will get on.

How to Fix Empty Battery?

There is no way out other than getting your battery charged gain once it is drained. But in a vehicle battery charge itself automatically when you drive, when it is drained completely as you are unable to ignite your engine, you need an external source to charge it.

You can go for any possible available vehicle on the road but it is awesome if you find one with the same battery voltage. Plugin the batteries using jump leads, start the donor jeep first and initiate your engine.

As soon as your jeep start moving, drive it across few miles and your battery is ready to go.

If the battery is still causing a problem, check the power cables. The power cables might be worn out or some might rat and spider webs are hindering the functionality.

Preventing Battery Breakout:

Get your battery checked regularly. Keep extra jump leads and power cables along. Take your battery to the workshop and get its storage capacity and the ignition cables checked.

2.Checking and Fixing Cables:

Open the bonnet and examine the cables carefully to check for any rodent bite marks or spider webs that might cause problems, if there are any you can fix them by using tape.

Although it would be a temporary fix it will make enough ignition to reach a nearby mechanic shop, in another case you would have to call a towing company.

3.The Starter and the Spark Plug Issues:

If all the cables and battery work fine then you should check the starter/ spark plug. But how you check it, observe the noise that your engine produces as soon as you start it, if it’s some kind of clanking or grinding sound then your starter needs to be checked.

Starter works along with the battery and moves pistons in the engine. Spark plugs are often worn out over time, or they often catch carbon inside. Remove the plug, clean it and try to start the engine again, if the problem goes on replace the plug with a new one.

4.Empty Fuel tank:

In the life hassle, we often forget to check the tank and it burst on our heads suddenly in the mid of the road. But to troubleshoot, if the tank is empty or not? Check the fuel gauge.

Now, the fuel gauge is properly attached, and as soon as you start your engine, warning lights come up and show that your tank is empty. What to do now?

Before discussing it all, there are few more factors to consider. Sometimes fuel gauges show that the tank is full, but still, you are facing any issue to start your jeep wrangler.

In this case, there might be a problem with the transmission of signals, or your fuel filters are blocked by debris blocking the fuel pump towards the engine.

Fixing the Fuel Tank issue

For an empty tank, there is no solution except to refill it, or you may carry an extra fuel tank along, that you rescue you to the nearest fuel station. But if the problem is in fuel filters, then you have to get your filters cleaned by professionals or in case you might need to replace them with a new one.

5.Professional Opinion:

If you are unable to recognize by the sound of the engine, or if everything is intact at its place and still your engine is not getting started. It is time to tow your jeep and take it to the workshop, get it investigated by a professional mechanic who will make an exact diagnosis.


To recapitulate, jeep wrangler starting problems are typically related to its battery, spark plug, cables, or empty fuel tank issues.

If you are a new user of Jeep Wrangler then identifying the issue by observing the initial engine sounds would be difficult for you, but if are using too of your wrangler, you can easily identify the low noise or grinding sound of the engine.

Where low noise is associated with the battery issue and the cranking sound shows and a problem is caused by a spark plug or starter. Although, you can self-check the issue and go minor fixing if the problem persists you will have to toe your vehicle for expert advice.

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