Jeep Wrangler Transmission Big Fan Automatic Vs Manual

Jeep Wrangler Transmission Big Fan Automatic vs Manual

I am planning to buy a Jeep wrangler, but I am confused to go for manual or automatic transmission, yet a talk of the town now. Well, the choice is solely dependent upon your choice and use.

Which of the two works better is quite tough to decide, previously manual options were widely available but since 2012 the market sale of manual jeeps has declined incredibly.

It has been reported that from 2012 to 2018, the sale of the manual jeep is decreased by 6.9% to 3.5%. But, don’t worry, after-sales up-grade options are always available.

So, whatever option you select for your 4×4, it is recommended to read out the pros and cons of both manuals to automatic transmission first.

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Benefits of Jeep Wrangler Manual Transmission:

Manual Transmission is a traditional and durable one. It will multiply your off-road experience even if you are going on rocks, bumping all around, and enjoying the sound of nature. Let’s look at the benefits of manual jeep transmission.

Easy Shift:

Manual transmission is easy to carry on, as these transmissions don’t require any complex hydraulic systems. Moreover, the hydrostatic systems in place don’t require a torque converter and the shell (valve body that holds the valves in place in an automatic transmission).

And above all, if you want to boost your battery a bit, you are just a push away in manual transmission.


The maintenance cost of a manual transmission is far more affordable as compared to the automatic one. Despite the maintenance cost, if you are looking to buy a Jeep wrangler manual transmission, and go for some old model around the 2018 model, it will cost you not more than $1500.

This will save you a hell lot, but still, if you want to change, after-sale market transmission is there to welcome you always.

Controlled Drive:

Manual jeeps allow full control over your drive. You are an autonomous body in shifting gears, you feel more attached to the vehicle. You are fully engaged in your drive enjoying every bit of it, and this thing is missing in an automatic wrangler.

Drawbacks of Jeep Wrangler Manual Transmission:

Manual transmissions offer a great deal of independence during the drive, we can change gear whenever we want and the whole jeep is in our control.

But this could lead to boredom and highly tiring on long routes. In addition, to keep yourself fully attentive, you have to be an expert driver too.

Because, while driving off-road or on rocks, only the slightest miscalculation from your side can harm your and your jeep.

Moreover, if you manual wranglers have defined points where gear level is set, that makes them work well off-road but become problematic in daily drives on road.

Benefits of Jeep Wrangler Automatic Transmission

Since 2012, automatic transmission jeeps are more in demand. It is because these jeeps control the systems on their own and allow you to observe the roads and surroundings making your journey more memorable. Let’s have a look at Jeep Wrangler Automatic Transmission benefits:

Easy Startup:

Automatic wranglers perform all the inside jobs for you, hence making your jeep easy to use in your daily routine too. Manual wrangler takes time to start up while Automatic wrangler is ready to go always. If you have planned to use your jeep for the daily drive too, then better to go for automatic transmission.

Easy Use:

Automatic wranglers can be droved by a beginner or even a person who is learning how to drive? Yes! Auto wrangler simplifies the whole process, you need not worry about the gear shifts, synchronizing your feet, hand, and brain, or so on. You can easily drive the jeep on a busy road, can change the lanes, and move swiftly in the traffic on your automatic wrangler.

Continuous Improvement:

As auto transmission is getting more popular in the market, every year it is coming with an improved mechanism too. Previously, manual wranglers were providing good mileage but now per gallon mileage for Auto Wrangler is far more. It is not only becoming cost-effective, but it provides more power, efficiency, and mileage too.

Market Share:

Although manual jeeps are still extensively popular across the globe, if we talk about the USA only, as stated above since 2012 the market sale of manual wrangler has dropped drastically. People in the USA are more inclined towards auto jeeps now. Hence, auto wranglers have a big market share, and the future lies in these vehicles now.

Drawbacks of Jeep Wrangler Automatic Transmission:

Automatic transmission is ideal for new drivers, it gives freedom of movement even on the off-road too. It shifts the gears automatically, so there is no oil wastage or start-up issues.

But its engine gets hot if you carry it on long routes. In certain cases, it is reported that the overheating of the jeep leads to gear slipping and serious accidents happen. This is an area to look upon seriously when using Auto wrangler.

Choice For Off-Road:

Although the choice of transmission depends upon your personal preference, as we compare the two available options both have their positives and negatives.

If you are a pro driver then the manual transmission will suit you best, as it gives much control over the jeep, and in case you get stuck somewhere, its maintenance by be done by you easily.

On the other hand, as a beginner or even if you are hitting Off-road to just relax not to thrill on, then Auto wrangler is the best choice for you. It will shift the gears automatically and you do not need to worry about fluids, torques, or RPMs.


Since Auto Wranglers are leading markets nowadays, still one thinks once before buying any. Manual Wranglers are classic, timeless, and durable, on the other hand, Auto Wranglers are improving continuously and are available in a wide range of varieties now. Talking about maintenance and cost-efficiency, manual Transmission outranks Auto Transmission.

Moreover, if you are planning for an off-road experience on your jeep, it depends upon your expertise. Above all preference of a Manual Transmission or Automatic Transmission depends upon one’s personal preference and usage. I hope this article will help you to make a better decision depending upon your preferences.

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