Most Memorable NASCAR Car Numbers In The History

Most Memorable NASCAR Numbers In The History

Throughout the history of NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing), there have been hundreds, thousands even, of numbers that have been marked inside the minds of people for such a long time.

These numbers aren’t just mere numbers we use every day in math. These numbers are the outstanding numbers printed on the cars of remarkable car racers from decades ago and up until these years.

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Most Memorable NASCAR Numbers In The History

To honor the most significant people on the tracks of racing, let’s recognize the most memorable NASCAR numbers in history.

Number 22

NASCAR was first founded on February 21, 1948. In the subsequent year, in 1949, NASCAR Strictly Stock Series organized its first-ever championship. This series event is actually the predecessor of today’s Sprint Cup Series.

In the event, Red Byron, the NASCAR racer who got number 22 on his Oldsmobile racing car, won the championship of the event. This makes Byron the inaugural champion, winning $4,800.

Many of the racing enthusiasts nowadays may not know Byron and the significant number on the car he drove, but these facts hold a big part of the NASCAR history, as they took place in the first-ever championship of car racing.

Number 32

Through the decades of NASCAR’s history, there have been countless epic winning moments on the track. One of those memorable events was the victory of Ricky Craven with his number 32 racing car.

What made this event memorable for a lot of people in the industry of car racing was the fact that Craven beat his co-racer, Kurt Busch, by 0.002 seconds. Another thing that made this victory legendary for a lot of people is the sponsorship of Tide.

Tide car has always been one of the favorites of the crowd. The alluring bright orange color of the paint is just very pleasing to focus a pair of eyes on the racing track. Tide also has the best racers that are equally impressive as its racing autos.

Number 12

The popularity of the number 12 racing car in the early 1970’s was triggered by the merging of the world’s leading soft drink, Coca-Cola and NASCAR, one of the most talked-about events.

Not to mention the impressive driving skills of Bobby Allison, the remarkable racer who drove the Coca-Cola racing car in number 12.

This news about the phenomenal merging of forces already made noises throughout the world. By the time Allison scored 31 in his career, the event made more noises in the racing industry.

Number 48

For the last decade, Jimmie Johnson has been one of the best drivers in the car racing industry.

He won 64 times in the competitions of the Sprint Cup Series. He also finished 262 races in 420 starts, where he made it all to the top 10.

In 2011, Johnson made it to sixth place. He also became a full-time competitor in 2002 after making it to the top 5 in each season.

Johnson won multiple full-time car racing seasons in his career. He is also the only racer who has been qualified for the Chase each year. Sure enough, these achievements are too much for 37 years old, but Johnson accomplished all of it with just his bare passion and determination.

This is the reason why it is near impossible for people to forget about the racing car Lowe’s Chevrolet, the number 48, and the person who rode it.

Number 3

Another big collaboration in the car industry was the sponsorship of Wrangler Jeans for the already popular racer, Dale Earnhardt from 1981 to 1987. The collaboration was very phenomenal. Earnhardt, with the support from Wrangler Jeans, won 25 races.

Dale Earnhardt has one of the most iconic cars in the industry of car racing. He drove the numbered 3 black car from 1988 until his death in 2001.

Although Earnhardt was already famous even before his collaboration with Wrangler Jeans, he made most of his achievements with the Wrangler sponsorship.

Earnhardt scored 45 out of his 76 career wins. He also won 7 championships at the Goodwrench Chevrolet.

Earnhardt sure has quite a lot of achievements in his time, but one of his most phenomenal achievements was when he won the Great American Race in 1998.

This winning moment was so epic, that almost every single person in the venue, including his opponents, greeted and congratulated him for his victory.

The racing car from Wrangler Jeans was printed with quite a lot of numbers on its side, making people get confused about which of the numbers really is the official. The car was first painted with Number 2 and then changed to Number 15.

In 1984, finally, the Wrangler-sponsored car of Earnhardt was painted with Number 3. He remained to use this number until the end of his career.

Number 24

Some people think that a rainbow-colored car is too silly to be called a racing car. Jeff Gordon proved those people wrong. As a 21-year-old racer, Gordon never thought of that way. He knew that colors won’t ever matter in winning each race.

Perhaps this is the reason why Gordon has been one of the most successful racers in the history of NASCAR. He has even become the third-winning racer, in fact

Gordon has won a series championship four times. He also had more or less 87 victories in the Sprint Cup.

He didn’t get all these victories by himself, of course. He accomplished these achievements with the help of DuPont, a part-time sponsor.

The car has changed colors several times in the car racing seasons of Gordon’s career, but his rainbow-colored Number 24 DuPont Chevrolet remains iconic for more long years.

Number 43

Richard Petty is leading in the NASCAR career wins. He won 200 times and continues to lead the series by 95.

He got all of these wins with his racing car numbered 43. He also got help from the motor oil company, which has become Petty’s primary sponsor.

Number 21

One of the oldest racing cars in the history of NASCAR is car Number 21.

It’s actually as old as NASCAR itself! Car number 21 had a lot of drivers in the past, but its greatest driver was David Pearson.

He drove the legendary car in 143 races, amassing 43 wins and 101 top-ten finishes.

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