RV Generator FAQs

RV Generator Faqs

Planning luxurious family vacations on a long route trip, you surely need an RV that fits best with your family. As big RV means comfort, luxury, and peaceful journey, at the same time, arises a need for a heavy power generator for smooth power supply.

Many RV’s comes with built-in generators, but if you buy a used RV then I will recommend you to thoroughly check if its generator needs a replacement or not.

Well, if your Generator compartment is empty then get ready for a handsome investment in a generator, n trust me it’s a must! If you are planning to buy a new generator or replace the old one, there are certain RV generator Faqs that you must go through to make an informed buying decision.

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RV Generator FAQs?

Why Do I Need a Generator For My RV?

Imagine you have invested a considerable amount of money on a motor vehicle for your memorable trip, it has all the amenities you need for your comfort.

But, guess there is no electricity to supply power to these appliances, the worst dream indeed1 out of all the other power-related options in the market, RV Generators are still the most popular, widely used cost-effective option for RV lovers. So, it’s a must need in your RV.

On which type Of Fuel Does a generator Runoff?

Most Rv Generators are operated on Gasoline, Diesel, or Liquid Propane. Gasoline is the most accessible form of fuel and is cost-effective too. While liquid propane is easy to carry along on your way and produces 91500 BTUs per gallon of power.

Gasoline is the beast in power generation, but because of it being highly inflammable you can carry it along. Talking about diesel, it is the most unpopular form of fuel as it decreases the life of RV generators because of carbon traps inside.

What are the different types of RV Generators?

RV generators are segregated based on their model functionality and fuel consumption. Moreover, there can be Conventional RV generators or Inverters that are either built-in or portable. It is best if you get an inverter generator built in your RV that operates using Gasoline or LP.

What to choose, Conventional Generator or Invertor?

Conventional Generators are big, heavy, and noisy. They consume more fuel as compared to inverters and are available in limited size options. On the other hand, Inverters are cost-effective, quiet, and widely used Rv Generators. Inventors are relatively expensive but are highly durable.

And the best part is that they are available in a huge variety of sizes, you just need to measure the Generator compartment of your RV and hire a professional to fix it, and you are good to go now.

What Should Be The Power Output Of RV Generator?

Most of the RV generators produce around 2000-4000 watt power of electricity. But you should first calculate the amount of energy required by your RV appliance and then buy a generator producing higher watts than your requirement.

If you own a small size motor home then 2000 watts would be sufficient, but if have appliances running simultaneously, you will need 3000 watts or more. Well, I suggest going for a higher watt generator on the safe side.

What size generator do I need for my RV?

As described earlier, your power usage and size of your RV including the number of appliances you have inside will determine the exact size of your RV Generator.

Sum up the watt usage of all appliances and select if you need a portable or permanent generator. Lemmatize your options by making a fuel choice decision first, and better to go with an inverter rather than a conventional generator.

As per my suggestion, it is better to look for an output capacity, rather than the generator’s size. As a general concept, big generators are heavy power producers, but nowadays things have been changed, much lightweight, quiet inverters are efficient to carry a load of your motor home now.

Why Do I Need a Quietest Generator?

As you are planning for a trip, you must be camping along at camping sites too. To avoid any disturbance for other campers, and even for yourself too, you need to do a bit of research and find the quietest option for your RV. Inverters work best in this situation.
How much Generator Fuel Efficiency is important?

The fuel efficiency of the RV generator will not only minimize the cost of your trip but also make your journey easy on long routes. You don’t need to stop again and again as your gas tank is running your generator efficiently. Moreover, you can enjoy multiple round trips with the same tank too. Sounds incredible!

How much does an RV generator cost?

Mostly built-in RV generators are mounted under the frame of RV and cost as high as $3000-$8000. Yes! It is the most expensive, but there are many other sub-type options available too. Most RV lovers go for portable sub-type options that cost around $300-$700 in total.

Which Type of RV Generator Should I buy?

When deciding about the generator, judge the size of your motor home, the total power consumption in watts, and which fuel type you want for your RV generator. As per our recommendation as an experienced RV, portable inverters operating on LP or Gasoline works best in all motor homes.

Thus, narrow down your list by considering the above-mentioned details and you will land on the best available choice for yourself.


Having an RV generator on your RV will elevate your RV experience to the next level. I know, it’s an investment to make but trust me you will not regret spending your hard-earned dollars on this. But be sure to read all the RV Generator Faqs in detail as described above before making any final decision.

Hopefully, this article will answer all your queries related to RV generators choice. Upgrade your RVing experience by making an informed best decision of your RV Generator.

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