RV Generator Repair And Troubleshooting

Advice For RV Generator Repairs

Although many Rvers have started using solar panels to reduce dependence upon generators but still, the Best RV generators are the main energy providers in motorhomes.

But the life of an RV generator is dependent on RV generator repair, maintenance, and brand! Moreover, to keep it functional you have to operate it at its full capacity at least once a month.

Many RV’s have built-in generators while for others you have to purchase one. The replacement cost of these generators is quite high, the average range is calculated as $480- $3000.

To avoid this replacement cost it is better to get it repaired or maintain it properly. Here in this article, we will discuss RV generator repair and maintenance. Come on let’s begin!



RV Generator Repair

As mentioned above, the initial step to begin the RV generator repair is finding the part that needs repair. RV generators most commonly face the issues of, fuel leakage, no power output, filter, or wiring issues.

Well, to initiate the process, we need to un-bolt the system, unplug the back switch and get it set to go on stage trailer. Once the system is detached we will attach the fuel pump and check the oil (these points will be discussed here later) and check the back switch.

Using the voltage meter, first monitor the maximum voltage that is being generated after that check the cable # 9, 4 and 7. If all these cables are working fine then there is an issue with the main circuit board.
Let’s discuss these repair options in detail below:

Oil and Oil Filter Repair /Change:

It is a must to check if there is any oil leakage or what is the condition of the oil at least once a year. Service Interval: every year or every 150 hours of run time, whichever comes first? Being a DIY task many RV owners perform it by themselves, but still, if you can’t you can always ask an expert. If your generator is fixed or it is a slip-on generator, with the selection of the right tools you can easily get this job done.

Fuel Leakage Repair:

If there is fuel leakage, you have to lie underneath your RV and troubleshoot the issue part. Most commonly the issue comes in the petcock or a fuel line. You will first remove the petcock, clean it and place it to check if the problem is fixed or not. Else you will have to replace the fuel line, and this can be done pretty easily.

Fuel Filter Repair/ Change:

Talking about the fuel filter repair! Well, this is a difficult task to reach out for the filter. Again you have to lie down on a mat, take an oil drain pan and make it ready for any oil drains that surely will happen as soon as you start to loosen up your nuts using wrenches. Be very careful when replacing the fuel filters because oil leaks happen and can reach your elbow, it’s preferred to use nitrile gloves while replacing the unit.

Coolant Repair and Change:

Your RV generator coolant needs to be checked once in two years, but if you use an OAT long-life- antifreeze coolant you will be at ease for at least 4 years. What needs to be done to her? Well, you need to wash/flush the coolant using distilled or de-ionized water. It’s better to go for a good quality anti-freeze solution that I rust free to increase the efficiency of the system.

Spark Arrestor Repair/Care:

Spark arrestors get an issue of carbon particle traps that are blown out of the generator’s exhaust pipes. If the carbon stays there for a longer period it forms soot and this soot blocks the exhaust of the generator, causing the generator to work poorly.

If you don’t go to get your spark arrestor repaired and clean at regular intervals it can lead to the permanent shut down of the generator too. Now, you think about the sensitivity of the matter well.

Air Filter Management:

Air Filters needs management once a year. Repairing and replacing these filters is quite easy as the air filters are attached to the generator via few wing nuts that keep it and it is cover in place. In RV generator repair it is the easiest task you just need a new filter to replace the older one.

RV Generator Repair Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting of the part to get repaired is imperative, and being an RV owner you need to master it for your long voyage. Although DIY repair works still there’s a limit to it, at certain points you need experts to get the repair done for you.

Here are few preliminary steps that you can follow to examine when your generator is not working properly. Start by checking the fuel in your RV, as the generator uses the RV fuel tank for its operations.

There is a pipe and the generator pulls the fuel from the tank via that pipe. This pipe is not long enough so mostly it stops pulling up the fuel when the tank is one-quarter full. If it doesn’t work for you then check the generator oil and oil filters, as the low level of oil can also hinder the generator operations.

If still, the problem persists, jump in checking all the filters (oil filter, air filter, fuel filter) and examine the spark plugs performance. Check that the wires at the ground are attached properly or not, inquire about the circuit breaker attached to the unit.

Often there can be a problem in slip rings that are regulating the voltage in the system or else you can undergo a carbon cleaning system. If still, you are unable to troubleshoot then go to get your RV generator thoroughly checked by the expert.


To conclude, RV generator repair can be done as a DIY project but still, at certain points, you need a bit of professional advice and help. Troubleshooting is a mild stone to achieve in the RV generator repair process.

Basic troubles that a generator might face include, fuel leakage, circuit issues, or power output plug issues. Repairing a few of these problems like replacing air filters, spark arrestor cleaning, etc. can easily be done by an RV owner.

A generator is the main energy provider in your motorhome you need to master basic RV generator repairs so that you can enjoy your camping in full swing.

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