Top 10 Best Racing Tracks In The World

Top 10 Best Racing Tracks In The World

We all know that that racing is one of the biggest and most popular international sports of all time. Formula 1 or F1 racing, for short, is very popular as many fans love to see the karts of their favorite racers kick the sand and win the gold.

Of course, the race tracks that the racers drive on contribute a lot to the popularity of the sport. The race track attracts fans because of its aesthetic appeal. Imagine a bunch of cars racing on a cool and challenging race track. How awesome is that?

So for the fans out there, I’ll be sharing with you what I think are the 10 best race tracks around the world.

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Top 10 Best Racing Tracks In The World

1.Mazda Raceway In Laguna Seca

This is perhaps one of the most challenging race tracks in the world.

What makes this race track really challenging is that racers are forced to go through hills when they race (this may slow down their momentum as gravity will pull them down.

Another challenging thing about this race track is its shape.

Although it is generally very wide, there are so many twists and turns in this track. The twists and turns will make it very hard for drivers who aren’t skilled at last-minute braking.

Racing in this very track will provide a very challenging race for any professional racer who decides to compete here. Good luck on the turns!

2.COTA In Austin, Texas

COTA stands for Circuit Of The Americas and is definitely one of the most popular circuits in not only America but in the entire world.

In fact, the COTA is usually the preferred race track of the US F1 Grand Prix.

Although the track itself doesn’t have that many sharp turns and a long straight road, the few sharp turns that the circuit has been very sharp! This means that if you don’t know how to break at the last minute when you make your turn, you might lose your place to another car driver who knows how.

When it comes to F1, this is usually the race track that will come to most people’s minds.

3.Marina Bay Circuit In Singapore

Probably the best thing about the Marina Bay Circuit in Singapore is the entire look of it.

You might not be able to find another race track that’s as beautiful as the Marina Bay Circuit. I think that it was made specifically for the fans.

One interesting fact to know of the circuit is that it is the only one in the world to hold races during the night.

This adds to its aesthetic appeal because when the night falls, that’s when all the beautiful lights will come out. Who won’t go ballistic when there are majestic F1 cars racing along a track that has beautiful lights and scenery?

The Marina Bay Circuit passes through the streets of Marina Bay Sans and through the harbor where you can see a lot of cool-looking yachts.

You’ll also see the cars pass by the famous large Ferris wheel that can only be found in Singapore. This is definitely a race track for the eyes.

4.Mt Panorama Circuit In Australia

If you’re a daredevil type of racer, then you’ll love the Mt Panorama Circuit. When you race in this circuit, you’ll be driving through hordes of hills and mountains.

Your objective is to climb a mountain and then race downhill. The downward drive is one of the most exciting obstacles for any racer.

If you think you can handle hardcore downward speed, then try racing on this race track.

5.Circuit De Monaco In France

Do you know Mark Webber? He is one of the legends in car racing.

You know what else? The Circuit de Monaco was said to be Mark Webber’s favorite race track and fancied this one above all the others.

The Circuit de Monaco is a very narrow race track that has two very sharp turns at both ends. This is something that many race car drivers find difficult to drive in.

Well, the challenge does make it more attractive. Other than that, the track passes through the beautiful parts of the streets. Not only will racers enjoy riding their F1 cars there, but they’ll enjoy sightseeing as well.

6.Sepang International Circuit In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

One of the best places for a racer to race would probably be at the Sepang International Circuit.

I’ve included this in the list because it is not the most challenging circuit in the world but it is the nicest to drive on.

For professional racers, the wide space used for this circuit is extremely enjoyable, unlike most narrow circuits that can be found in other countries.

Other than that, the Sepang International Circuit is also pretty much in the middle of nowhere which means that the surroundings are not really touched.

If you like nature, fresh air, and racing, then this is the best track to go to.

7.Suzuka Circuit In Japan

The Suzuka track is definitely a very challenging track because it is in the shape of an extremely distorted number eight. You will most likely not be able to find a circuit like this anywhere else in the world.

Of course, this shape adds to its appeal as it makes racing more challenging. Due to the shape, there are a lot of corners that can be found in this race track which means that you are going to have to make a lot of turns when you are driving here.

You will also have to make a lot of S-shaped movements as there are so many turns shaped like that.

There are hardly any straight roads in this circuit so you have to make sure that your turn braking skills are top-notch so that you can stay on top of the competition.

8.Nordschleife Track In Germany

If you play F1 video games, then you’ll notice that the Nordschleife would often appear as one of the stages–usually the advanced ones!

This is because, in real life, this 20-kilometer race track is as hard to race in as most people think it is.

Out of all the race tracks that I have mentioned in this list, I would say that the Nordschleife is hands down the most challenging because of its jagged structure.

9.Interlagos Circuit In Brazil

The Interlagos circuit is one of the most interesting circuits to race in. Quite like the Suzuka Circuit in Japan, there are a lot of S-shaped roads that race car drivers will have to drive through.

Another interesting thing about the Interlagos circuit is that it is a very rugged place.

Why do I say that? It’s because other than the fact that it needs a bit of cleaning, the roads are a little bit rough which will make the racers have quite a bumpy ride.

That’s something that’s pretty interesting if you’re a professional racer right?

10.Silverstone Circuit In England

Lastly, we have the Silverstone Circuit in England.

I wouldn’t say that the Silverstone Circuit is a very challenging circuit so how come it made the list? Well, the surroundings of the circuit still maintain their charm.

When you look at the circuit, you’ll probably have that “Jolly ol’ England” feel. Lots of grass and some buildings. You’ll definitely love the place when you see it.

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