Top 10 Car Racers With The Most Number Of Wins

Top 10 Car Racers With The Most Number Of Wins

Formula One (more popularly known as F1) is one of the most prestigious races that is governed by the Federation Internationale l’Automobile (also known as FIA). Many fans all over the world follow this high-class open-wheeled auto-car racing competition.

F1 competitions are often referred to as Grand Prix. Formula 1 races are often done on closed city streets and purpose-built circuits. Over the past years, the Grand Prix events are usually moved from one country to another. Grand Prix is held yearly in different countries.

One of the most popular Grand Prix events happened in Monaco in Monte Carlo.

The highlight of the Grand Prix, just like any other race, is to see the winner: the fastest man in the world. Different champions emerged yearly, some have won previously and some had just started their path to becoming one of the most successful car racers in the world.

In this, we are going to list down ten of the most successful race car drivers in the world of Formula One Grand Prix.


Top 10 Car Racers With The Most Number Of Wins

The Top Ten Successful Car Racers with the Most Wins

No. 1 Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher is a retired German F1 racer who had won 91 gold medals during his career. His first win happened in 1992 in the Belgian Grand Prix. Schumacher is a seven-time Formula One World Champion and is one of the most renowned car racers in the world.

In 2002, he had finished the year with the most win and breaking his own records.

Schumacher was forced to retire in December 2013 after he met an accident while he was skiing. Schumacher is currently in medication and rehabilitation in the privacy of his home in Germany.

No. 2 Alain Prost

Following Michael Schumacher is the French retired racer, Alain Marie Pascal Prost. In his active years, Prost has won 51 gold medals and follows after in the list.

He first won his gold in the 1981 French Grand Prix. He was nicknamed “The Professor” when he is behind the wheel because of his intellectual approach to the car race.

Prost retired in 1993 after he won the Championship for the 1993 German Grand Prix. Prost is now competing for ice racing after his retirement in Formula One.

No. 3 Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton is a British Formula One active racer. He was also known as the First Black to ever compete in Formula One World.

He placed third on our list as he holds 44 wins in his active career in Formula One.

He won his first gold in the 2007 Canadian Grand Prix. He was also the youngest Formula One driver before Sebastian Vettel broke his record. Currently, Hamilton is driving for Team Mercedes and he is currently first in the Formula One standings.

No. 4 Sebastian Vettel

At the age of 28, Sebastian Vettel is considered one of the youngest drivers in the current Formula One Standing.

Vettel placed fourth in this list with 42 wins under his belt. He earned his first gold in the Italian Grand Prix in 2008. This German driver is currently under Ferrari. His contact stands until 2017.

He is currently placed 3rd in Formula One world standing.

No. 5 Ayrton Senna

This Brazilian driver placed fifth as he sports his 41 gold medals.

His first gold happened in the 1984 Portuguese Grand Prix. Senna was known to be one of the most successful and dominant Formua1 One drivers of all time.

He was about to grab his 42nd gold medal in the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix, unfortunately, he died while he was on the track. He was often voted and highly respected Formula One driver of all time.

No. 6 Fernando Alonso

This Spanish racer has 32 gold medals in his belt; Fernando Alonso is a Spanish Formula One champion and Formula One Double World Champion.

He made his gold debut in the 2003 Hungarian Grand Prix. He first made his debut in 2001 when he was currently in a contract with Renault.

Currently, Fernando Alonso is under contract with Mc-Larren-Honda. His last gold appearance is the 2013 Spanish Grand Prix.

No. 7 Nigel Mansell

He was placed in 7th with 31 gold medals.

Nigel Mansell used to be a Formula One Champion and a CART Indy champion. This British racer was always at par with Schumacher, Senna, Prost, Alonso, Hamilton and Vettel.

He was part of the list of the 25 most influential drivers in the world. He held the record of the most number of pole sets under his belt.

Mansell is also known as the 2005 Grand Prix Master after having won the title in the said race.

No. 8 Jackie Stewart

This Scottish driver was nicknamed as “Flying Scot” after snagging 27 gold medals in his driving car.

Jackie Stewart is known to be one of the best drivers and best motor figures named by the journalist Kevin Eason. Stewart earned his first gold in the 1965 Italian Grand Prix.

He was a three-time World Driver Champion and a constant runner-up within those nine seasons

No. 9 Jim Clark

Another British driver on the list with 25 gold medals, Jim Clark is known to be one of the most versatile drivers who could just compete with just about anything.

He died in 1968 as he was racing in a Formula 2 event in Germany. His legacy continues to reign on as he was named as one of the greatest Formula One drivers of all time.

No. 10 Niki Lauda

Tied with Jim Clark, Niki Lauda, have 25 golds under his belt. This Austrian driver had been a champion for Ferrari and Mc-Laren: two of the most popular constructor in the world.

After his retirement in his racing stint, Lauda continues to work behind the drivers and cars as a pundit and a non-executive for various constructors.


These successful drivers had to face a lot of struggles to reach the highest of the pedestal. Hard work, determination, and passion all come together when you aim for something. They had taken the risk of achieving a dream that entails danger.

I guess the fulfillment they feel when they cross the finish line is greater than all the possible hazards of the race track.

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