What Are Wheel Spacers And Are They Worth Using?

Nowadays, there are many people choose to use wheel spacers for their cars since they have a lot of benefits, including fitment, appearance and performance. On the other hand, somebody doesn’t like to use wheel spacers for some reasons.

What are wheel spacers? If you have a car or desire to buy one, you might want to know about them.

I would like to say that you’re in the right place. Have a look at the below paragraphs to get more details about wheel spacers.


What Are Wheel Spacers?


Wheel spacers are a piece of metal which are in the middle of the rim and the drum of your car that create a space between the wheel and the hub.

It’s created to increase the width of the track, the horizontal stability, anti-flip when cornering, ... It also makes the car look cooler.

Wheel spacers are made of high-quality aluminum, which is very hard but light. The thickness of spacers depends on the purpose of loading and the force-resistance of each car, it can be up to several centimeters.

So, you may want to know if those wheel spacers are necessary or not. What are the pros and cons if you install them for your cars? Read the paragraphs below for more information.

You can also watch the video below for more details about wheel spacers:

The Pros Of Wheel Spacers

You might have tried to fit a big brake kit and it does not fit with your current wheels. And, you may have to push them out and there was not any interference with the caliper and the wheel. 

That’s one of the reasons you might need a way to solve the problem.

If you extend your track out, you will have less lateral load transfer and more distribution of your load on your tires.

That means you are going to have more grip. When you add a spacer to your hub that pushes your wheel out, you will have a large track.

If you are trying to fit a larger set of wheels and they have a different offset than your stock wheels. You want to maintain the same offset but you just can’t.

Wheel spacers are a good option. They are going to be interfering with both stock and new track offset by reducing your track so that you can maintain your same track and offset and have the benefits of wider tires.

Therefore, wheel spacers are a great choice to get all the aggressive offset wheels without rubbing against different areas in the wheel.

This increases the range of wheel choices that vehicle owners are able to run without having to worry about damaging the wheels or important brake and suspension components.

Adding wheel spacers is also a simple way to provide proper wheel spoke clearance when the brake components have been advanced and enlarged.

Spacers can effectively increase handling performance and give the attractive look for cars that many owners are looking for.

The Cons Of Wheel Spacers

Besides the pros, there are also some cons when using wheel spacers that you may need to keep into consideration.

One of the wheel spacers’ cons is how it changes your suspension geometry.

If you add a spacer, you’re going to be increasing the positive scrub radius which is not a necessary thing to do.

And also, you’re going to be increasing the kingpin offset so there’s the distance between the center of the tire and going all the way over to the kingpin axis.

Moreover, there are some of the negative effects that you can have by adding wheel spacers:

  • You’re going to have reduced fender clearance.
  • It could change your tire wear or your toe characteristics.
  • It can increase your steering effort.
  • It can also increase or decrease your steering stability under breaking.
  • You can change the actual effective spring rate at the wheels.

Once you add wheel spacers, more components are added, so there will be more possibility for failure.

Therefore, make sure that you tighten and torque accurately all the spacers’ nuts and bolts, so that you may never have any issue.

Another drawback could be the wheel bearings.

When you don’t use the wheel spacers, the wheel holds up the way to the car that passes over through the studs to the hub.

So, there will be a distance that going to create a moment and that bearing has to absorb and allow the wheel to rotate.

If you use the wheel spacers, you’re going to push the wheel out and the force on it will be the same weight of the car.

The distance it is from the bearing is going to be changed so the loading characteristics are going to be different.

Thus, it’s going to be at a different angle and a larger distance, which can reduce the life of the wheel bearings.

Final Thought

You have just read my post about what wheel spacers are. Someone thinks it’s good to have wheel spacers, some others don’t.

I can’t advise you to use them or not since each of us has our own opinion.

However, no matter what the reason is, I think the most important thing is you need to think carefully before making any decision. I hope that this post can help you.

If you have any question, feel free to leave a comment in the box below. I am pleased to receive feedbacks from you.

Lastly, thank you for reading the whole post and see you next time.

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