Why Does My Car Shock Me? How Buying The Right Car Vacuum Cleaner Can Help!

Why Does My Car Shock Me? How Buying The Right Car Vacuum Cleaner Can Help!

Having a car is not just a luxury but a responsibility you have to take good care of your car. If you have a car, then you probably know the importance of cleaning it on a regular basis.

Regular vacuuming is one of the best ways to clean and maintain the interior of your car preventing unnecessary shocks.

Most people get shocks when they grab their cars as they close the door or enter inside. Ever asked yourself this question; “Why does my car shock me?” It is simple science. Static electricity building up in the body of your car is the main reason for the shocks.

However, well-maintained cars that are vacuumed regularly will never shock you.


Do You Always Yelp Every Time You Get Out Of Your Car?

This usually happens to any of us from time to time as we get out of our cars. So, why does my car shock me? He shocks happen because you and your car city pick up different/opposite charges during the ride.

This zap will always happen when there is an opposite charge with your car seat or car handle. Do you remember studying static electricity in high school?

The static charge usually builds up when two materials rubbing against each other cause a builds up of charges. The whole time you are seated in your car builds static charges as your body rubs with the car seat.

To prevent the car shocks when getting out, you have to make contact in a manner that makes the charge balance out harmlessly or simply prevent the static charge from happening in the first place.

Remember all bodies are made of negative and positive charges and when two bodies come together, one might end up stealing more negative charges. These are the charges you need to get rid of harmlessly.

How To Discharge The Static Energy Harmlessly?

First, you will need to remain seated in your car and then hold the metal frame as you make your exit. Touching out the metal bar balances the static charges. The paint of the car might not conduct the charges so instead touch the bare metal.

You can also use a coin to touch the car as you exit. You can even see a spark between the coin and your car as you touch it. You can also touch the glass of your window although this takes time to conduct the charges.

Preventing Static Build Up

Vacuuming your car seats regularly helps remove the static cling for at least a few days. This is why getting the ideal car vacuum is so important for preventing such shocks whenever you get out of your car.

The guide below will help you choose the best car vacuum that suits your needs.

Choosing The Best Car Vacuum Cleaner

Are you looking for the best car vacuum cleaners in the market? If so, we are here to help you with your search.

One of the best things you will love about shopping for car vacuum cleaners is that there are endless choices. You are almost guaranteed of finding one that best fits all your needs.

However, this can also turn out to be a challenge. You will easily be overwhelmed by the choices available and end up making silly mistakes.

This guide will go to greater depths giving you insights into some of the important considerations when buying one. Whether you are a regular or new buyer, you’ve come to the right place where we can help you find the car vacuum cleaner of your dreams.

The simple guide below can help you find the best car vacuum cleaner.

A Car Vacuum Cleaner Guide

The following are some of the essential recommendations that should be taken into account before you make a purchase for a car vacuum.

Power Of The Vacuum

The power of the vacuum will determine its suction power. The amps should be able to tell you the amount of electric current flowing through the vacuum cleaner.

You can also check the watts, but this is simply amps multiplied by the voltage. A higher number means more power but not necessarily a better vacuum. There are other factors you need to consider before making the decision to buy.

The Type Of Vacuum Cleaner

The market is filled with different types of car vacuum cleaners. There are cordless vacuum cleaners that work on batteries and corded vacuum cleaners that use electricity from the socket.

The type you choose will also be affected by factors like power, portability and ease of use. Some vacuum cleaners even have inbuilt lights that help you see dark parts in the car as you clean.

As you can see, there is a lot to consider when it comes to type. Handheld vacuum cleaners might be light and working efficiently but end up lacking enough power.

Tank Capacity

Most car vacuum cleaners are usually handheld and equipped with a tank. The tank usually serves as a reservoir for dirt and dust that the vacuum will absorb. There are pros and cons for both the large and small tanks.

While a larger tank will take longer to get a full serving you for long, it will also be a bit heavier to carry. You will not have to empty it frequently but then handling might be a challenge.

A small tank capacity, on the other hand, will be easy to handle but will require regular emptying.

The choice eventually comes down to how often you use and clean your car. Remember you’re buying the vacuum cleaner for your car’s specific cleaning needs.

Weight Of The Vacuum Cleaner

The total weight of the vacuum cleaner is a major consideration that is hugely forgotten when people choose vacuum cleaners.

It is recommended that you settle for a lightweight cleaner that will be easy to carry around and handle.

When using the vacuum for an extended time, you will realize a light vacuum cleaner is the best option.

Consumer Feedbacks

If you are not getting directions from people with experience in car vacuums, then the best option is to read the consumer feedbacks.

Consumer feedbacks should give you an idea of what you’re ideally buying as this feedbacks are from people who have tested the specific vacuum you want to buy.

Read several online reviews and ask for recommendations from people. You will be surprised how people will contribute, and you will end up making a good choice. You can also join forums that discuss car vacuums online and get ideas on the best options.


The best car vacuum cleaner must have several attachments that are compatible with several accessories.

There are several attachments that can be used to clean different parts of a car. Attachments like crevices, brushes, and nozzles are among the common and ones you should check out before buying.

Different types of attachments make your vacuum cleaner multifunctional giving you good value for your money.

Ease Of Use

How easy can you use your vacuum cleaner? For ease of use, you have to look at things like noise level and attachments. Can you easily replace the brushes when changing the use?

How about the crevice tool and nozzle? The best car vacuum cleaner must be easy to use from the moment you buy it.


Is the warranty given impressive? Most manufacturers who are confident in their products will not mind offering comprehensive coverage on their warranty.

You can also check to see if you need to register your warranty online as most companies have that requirement.

How long does the warranty stay valid and what does it cover? With good warranty coverage, you can have the vacuum cleaner returned or have it repaired for free if there is a problem.


Buying a vacuum cleaner can be an easy task if you consider the points above. A car vacuum cleaner must be light, powerful enough, easy to use, and with proper attachments. The tank capacity doesn’t have to be way too much as this can add more weight to the user.

It is also good to read consumer feedbacks online to be more informed on the choice to buy. A good car vacuum cleaner can go long way in helping you keep your car clean.

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