World Worst Car Models Ever Made

World’s Worst Car Models Ever Made

Every year, different brands of cars are being manufactured from different countries all over the world. Some are great and some are good, but others are just terribly bad. The quality and design are just so bad that’s why they are called World Worst Cars, that it makes you wonder who in the world would actually purchase such junk.

That may be too harsh, but others just think of it that way. After all, cars are never inexpensive. Not to mention the cost of the change oil, regular inspection, and the overall maintenance. It’s natural for people to find a car that will pay back its expensive worth.

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World Worst Car Ever Made

Check out these worst cars that were ever made in the world. Who knows one of the models is similar to yours.

1982 Cadillac Cimarron

Let’s face it: not all American auto manufacturers are very good at designing car models. You can’t argue about this, especially when the 1982 Cadillac Cimarron tells you that. Sure thing, Cadillac is considered as the best car models that were ever made in America and probably even around the world.

This one is just the only exception. It was designed with just a little bit nicer clothing than a Chevrolet Cavalier, but other than that, the 1982 Cadillac Cimarron had nothing else to brag about. It never sold well in America. Today, it’s probably rotten in a parking garage somewhere, isolated from the sight of the world.

1955 Dodge La Femme

By the name itself, you probably already got the idea that this car was built for women as if they can’t drive the ones built for men. The 1955 Dodge La Femme, from the perspective of some, if not all, has a very girly design. It is painted in pink and white on the outside. The silly pink theme doesn’t end there.

On the inside, you can see the world of pink. The seats, rain cape, umbrella, and many others are all in pink color. Plus, a purse for feminine needs! This car is probably good news for many women in its time, but unfortunately, it didn’t sell well. It was only sold for two years before it disappeared from the market.

Maybe because the model was more about the physical feature and less about the engineering matters.

1974 Mustang II

Mustang is a good car brand, but not until 1974 Mustang II was released. Ever since Mustang II appeared in the world, the Mustang brand has had a bad record. Mustang II has given owners serious trouble. It was redesigned for some reasons (one of the reasons maybe because of the complaints of buyers), introducing the new Pinto.

Many people have been driven to the confusion about this release, though. It was redesigned, but it still gave people pain in the head. It’s got a rear-end gas tank, which, some say, could explode every time you run out of rear-ending gas. Its machine power and muscle are poor, because of the oil embargo effect. Pretty troublesome, isn’t it?

1958 Edsel Corsair

Edsel has quite a lot of fans. They fancied Edsel, but for some reason, the love they had for Edsel cars faded. 1958 Edsel Corsair is probably the most responsible for this change of heart. People have once hailed Edsel as a savior to Cold War, but when the car’s front end came, the name Edsel almost instantly became the definition of disaster.

It’s funny and painful at the same time how Ford’s $300 million has gone to waste. The car’s steering wheel has push buttons, which has become one of the major causes of accidental gear-shifting while honking the horn.

2003 Saturn Ion

It’s really funny how, even in the 2000s, there are still cars that just don’t deserve to be called a vehicle. Saturn tried to make a real car in 2003 and unsurprisingly, failed. Who would even call a plastic-made car a vehicle? Some may probably consider if it was a high-quality kind of plastic, but sadly, the plastic used was cheap.

The poor-quality plastic was just practically wrapped around the exterior of the car. Even when you focus away from the physical features, there’s still nothing good about the 2003 Saturn Ion. Don’t even try to ride it for a meter. You’ll probably have the worst driving experience in your life.

1981 DeLorean DMC-12

John Z. DeLorean was a notorious auto designer, for a bad reason. His creation – 1981 DeLorean DMC-12 – made his name hot around the world. The gull-wing doors of the car can’t be opened without power, resulting in more than a lot of drivers getting locked inside every single time there’s an electrical failure.

The acceleration of the car was as slow as an old lady, really. And when it rains, there has always been a water leak on the inside. A lot of people were actually amazed by the car’s price. This is probably the reason why it sold more than other car models on this list. After a few drives, though, buyers had their regrets.

DeLorean added more bad records to his name. He involved himself in a money-laundering scheme and eventually got caught out in his actions.

1957 Trabant P50

You probably already know that this is another terrible car, but you might want to hear the story behind its creation first. Trabant was built in East Germany by an unmotivated, underfunded workforce. Because of this very reason, the car was made out of Duroplast, a cheap plastic made out of wood and cotton fiber.

Its engine only had 18 horsepower. It would probably barely run with such low power. It also required a mixture of oil and gas, which results in black smoke as it runs. The gear system was the worst, some say.

1987 Yugo GV

This car was shipped to Siberia, redesigned for a make-over, and was sold for the lowest price possible. It was fair enough for Yugo manufacturers, at least, to know how low the quality of their car is and think of the budget of their buyers. Yugo GV really deserves to have the initial “Good Value“, although it always breaks down and often doesn’t work.

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